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This company is nothing more than a rip off. I received a quote from them of 58.00 for my Samsung Captivate. They review the phone and because of minor cosmetic damages and scratching they only offer me 28.00. There were no scratches or minor cosmetic issues with the phone when I mailed it to them. The screen was in perfect shape, it's been in a case (included in the mailing), and has had a screen protector from day one of ownership. Zero issues with the phone.

I would have been better off selling on Ebay then having done this. I only did this because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of the online auction. Avoid this place like the plague if you can. They are RIP OFF SCAM ARTISTS and are MISLEADING. I should have asked for the phone back but didn't want to deal with I doubt my phone would come back to me in the same condition from these rip off scam artists.



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