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1 Benoni, South Africa

Yesterday I went to clicks Lakeside Mall to buy cosmetic as usual but guess what I ended up almost got slapped by a security guard who did not want us to test perfumes and then as we were asking were is the person who works in this department so she can explain to us the guy started swearing at us and then we decided to leave the store to go buy from other stores it went worse he followed us as we were going out swearing at us then we asked for the manager they said his on leave days then I said can I see the acting manager meaning assistant the lady came said to me your very lucky he didn't beat you I took that as a threat and I will never take it lightly because the assistant manager herself Saïd he once beaten another customer and I'm wondering how come clicks promote violance inside their stores and even allow someone who is violant to work within their stores please clicks attend to this matter ASAP

Sep 21, 2017

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