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I got a call on July 29, 2014 offering a 3day/2nt trip to a few diffrent locations. I told them that is sounds good, they said once you go and do the timeshare presentation then you will get 4day/3night stay in a few other locations or a cruise. All for 139 period, we have done something like this before so I didn't think it was a scam. But when I didn't get a email conformation then I got a little concern. So I called and I spoke with Harris he told me he will send me one. He did which was great, until I looked at the hotel reviews where we would be staying. He told me I could always change where I wanted to stay if I didn't like it. So I called back to change the hotel this is all in the same day mind you. Then once we changed the city we would be going to I asked for a email conformation of that. I spoke to Alex said they cant send me one but it would be noted in my notes. So I asked what hotels do they have in the new city. They gave the run down, I told them after reading reviews for those which one two I like the most and would like to stay in. So I called back spoke to Alex (again) to make a reservation for the dates I wanted to stay and which hotel. He said ok but still couldnt send me a email to confirm my reservation either. That got me a little nervous. So after calling back another time and still only getitng alex who is answer the calls and never getting conformation that this was legit. I called to cancel spoke to angel this time he was very nice he trasfered me over to lorriana who was suppose to get the ball rolling with my cancelation. But she says well we can give $60bucks back today and extend your 12mos when you can use it to 18mos. How does that sound I said only if I can stay at the hotel I chose. She said that shouldn't be a problem but let me call you on Monday to make sure. I said in the time being I still get my 60 back right. She said yes. Do I have it NO!!! I called again this am Monday, guess who answered phone. Alex he said that he could get through to the people I would need to speak to cancel. I called at 854am (alex) couldnt get through, 1020am (alex) couldnt get through, 1038am (alex) couldnt get through. So I asked to speak to his manger or lead CSR he said they where busy. I said you only have one lead, he said yes they are in a meeting. I said if its only one lead who is he in a meeting with. No answer so he said he will call me back at 1pm so I could cancel. We will see, but I will NEVER get or answer any calls from VRC ever again lesson learned!!!

Aug 04, 2014

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