Vodacare Vodaworld Midrand / Service? What service?

I took my daughter's HTC snap to Vodacare Midrand for repair.

They told me the usual fairy tale about 7 working days ... and then my frustration started.

The 082 1944 repair guys were not too bad and I had an idea about what was going on.

Then I had to start phoning the 082 1906 number (Vodaworld) and ATTEMPT to speak to a consultant.

I dare anybody to try this, it's an exercise in total futility.

Yesterday my daughter finally got hold of someone who told her that her phone had been ready for three days AND that we all (the wife, the daughter and me) were sent SMSs to this effect (Another rumour.)

So this morning I arrive at Vodaworld, in a good mood and looking forward to today.

"Ahm sorry, your phone is not here" kind of screwed up my good mood.

I phoned my wife and put her on speakerphone. When I told her where I was and that she should guess, she got it in one:"The phone is not ready."

I took a complaint form (phoning 082 1906 and [protected] DOES NOT WORK) and will return it (and the 100 photocopies) to them when I fetch the phone.

Service provider, my derrière...

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