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Complaints & Reviews

Our cheeseburgers were charcoal burnt.

We went to the drive thru at the Dairy Queen in Nappanee on Thursday, April 30, 2020. I ordered 2 cheeseburgers, fries, and blizzards. When we got home we found that both burgers were burnt...very burnt. We chose not to return because it's a 20 minute drive. I took a picture of one of them, but both were burnt. We were very disappointed! We couldn't believe anyone could miss seeing how burnt they were and think it was ok to use them. I guess someone there doesn't want returning satisfied customers.

Our cheeseburgers were charcoal burnt.

Dairy Queen

Burgers and chicken strips

Hi there I went to DQ and got 2 dubble cheese burgers with 2onion rings and pop and 2 orders of chicken...

Midland Food

Either no receipt given - you have to ask for it. And/or no 19 digit code to do a survey

I like to do the surveys ... one so owners can be informed of the quality service, food and more.
At DAIRY QUEEN they throw out your ticket or do not give you a survey 19 digit code.
What I do with the free dilly bar is give it out as a reward to a student, a homeless or hungry person, a woman with a few kids walking out of the abuse shelter parking lot, or a friend who is in rehab - it's a nice treat for her. I do this with other survey prize food as well. The problem is several Dairy Queens is they do not list or have a 19 digit code required to do the survey. This cheats not just me, but my community as well. It is disappointing & I feel not handing back a receipt or omitting the numbers is fraudulent in advertisement.
I think Dairy Queen owners need to be held accountable for false advertisement.
It's not really about the dilly bar but more so what that dilly bar is used for.

Completely disappointed


I feel like a dumb*** for having to complain about something so trivial but our local Dairy Queen has decided to start charging for ranch dressing?? They wasn't enough off the barbecue chicken strip basket that costs almost $10 for a 4 piece with a drink?? But they now think it necessary to charge for something that is advertised with the item?! Yall need to come in and have a talk with the owners or somethin.

Service at night.

My daughter and I went to the Dairy Queen in Quesnel BC, Canada at 8:40 pm. They close here at 9pm. We live downtown, I worked late so we went there out of convenience.
We go to place our order and the young girl behind the till states that the grill is now closed and they no longer do food orders at that time.

Now I use to work at a fast food restaurant and we never turned anyone away 20 mins before closing because we had to clean the grill!!!
We cleaned that after closing.
And I'm only 40 years old so my work experience isn't that long ago!

We are currently sitting at McDonald's because they have never done this. They serve until the last second.

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employee asking for money from customers

Corpus Christi, TX
I called already but i want to make sure you all know here as well. There is a front worker who works cashier asking elderly people for money i dont think i need to have his name because the Director Mike should have that already. Giving sob stories about his mother needs coffee and he needs hes medicines. He works with you all. You pay him, he should not be asking customers for this handout. I hope it gets resolved or i will continue to pursue the issue. Thank you

no official receipt issued.. blizzard pepero almond is much expensive with other blizzard choices

I bought a blizzard kit kat and blizzard peppero almond large sizes.when i paid there was No official receipt given in the store. Also, the blizzard peppero almond flavor P139.00 is more expensive than the other blizzard choice of P119.00.there was no messafe in the store indicating the price difference of each flavors.the store is locate at DQ marquee mall, angeles city, pampanga, Philippines.

fries, chicken, onion rings

Summer of 2019 the DQs in the omaha, council bluffs area switched product for the fries, onion rings and chicken. They are horrible, thoroughly flavorless. We usually stopped 2 times a month, but haven't been here for 6 months, due to the inferiority of the food. Decided to try again and we were again disappointed with our experience. We will not be coming back. You've lost a customer of 40 years.

poor service, cold food

On 12/28/19 at 6:31 p.m. we went to the DQ in Newark (F-0130 Tent 67, Svr 243 Svrck 21). We ordered our meal, found a table, and waited for our food. We waited 20 minutes for our food, it was cold. The employee that waited on us knew they were wrong as she couldn't apologize enough. I could understand a long wait had the place been busy, but that wasn't the case.

What should have happened is the food should have been remade and served to us.

laval st oshawa dq

I had gone to the DQ in Oshawa on Laval St to get my daughters birthday cake. I was 5 minutes early according to their hours sign posted o the door so decided to wait. Thinking the worker may be running late we waited a while longer until I saw someone inside and went to the door. The lady opened the door and said "Were open at 11 and closed it in my face. The sign said Christmas Eve 10:30 am open. Not impressed and will not be going back there again.

cold food

Waited in line with only 2 vehicles in front of me. 15 minutes later leaving with my biscuit and gravy dunkers - I reach into the bag to find they are cold and so was the gravy. I don't understand how not even the gravy was hot - not even warm. Very disappointed and frustrated.
12/17/2019 Time: 9:44AM
Store # [protected] Dixie Highway Louisville, KY 40272

unprofessional general managers

I was accused of sexual harassment by another employee at the 1245 hwy 315 plains pa dairy queen. I was let go before any proper investigation was done. Honestly im appalled at how this went about. Especially being that said worker was touching me inappropriate. And my text was not for him it was accidentally sent to wrong contact... I am going to fight this matter because this slander to my name as well as defamation to my character..

chicken tender basket

I went through dairy Queen tonight and they gave me my chicken strip basket and instead of gravy they put a ranch where the gravy should go to try and make me not notice!! I only wanted the basket for the gravy mainly so I was pissed. Ruined my night so thanks DQ for the lazy and unfriendly staff that prepared my food. I will most likely not eat here again unless I get my complaint dealt with. Dairy Queen in Saint Albans, WV !! Pathetic.

customer service/ food

to whom it may concern unfortunately today we went to your location on 51st avenue and baseline we were treated with disrespect because of the way we are paying . We are coin collectors and we had some ROLLED in the coin rolls . Total was 18 we gave them two rolls of quarters (20) the shift lead Rene said, " we don't take change like this dont you carry cash ?" I was offended and replied back with "how would your manager fill about you refusing to serve us and take our money?". He said "well I don't know where it came from so I really don't care." At that point my husband said "just count the change please and will b on our way." Your employees not only disrespeced us but they also laughed at us. We took out our food still in shock with they way we were treated only to get home and find had a it we were given the wrong order. (No other customers were in the building)Went back and Rene started laughing because he knew what him and the other employees had done. That's why they didn't give us the receipt the first time. Nor did they want to give us the district managers phone number . He did no apologies for the mistake or offer anything in return for the way we were treated. I can not believe your company would hire such rude disgusting people to represent your restaurant. . Also we will never return to this place again nor will my company I work for will do business with your restaurant again. I will be on social media and use every other channels to get this out. With Sonic across the street McDonald's and Carl's Jr, panda Express all in this outlet, you restaurant is always empty I now see why.

Sandra .

  • Updated by Dandy84 · Dec 04, 2019

    The number he gave us was a fake number, but also said he wasn't even allowed to give it, so it may or may not work.

  • Updated by Dandy84 · Dec 04, 2019

    The number was 602 603 1586 no answer it just rings . So the district manager is as professional as their rude employees. Well we have Scooptacularice cream shop, which is across the street and so is thrifty ice cream shop.

chicken strips, blizzard, service etc...

Very disappointed with this location, my meal had very little fries I could see though them in the "pile" in my box, I didn't get enough chicken strips in one of them either.
Another issue was when I order TWO large blizzards, that's a lot of money, when i order something i expect it to be what i ordered, mine were not, at first glance i believed them to be, but found out i was very wrong once home. I commented to the cashier once she put them in the try that she didn't flip them, she laughed, flipped ONE and then pushed my things my way.
What is the point on having promises to your costomers when your cashiers laugh at the costomers when they comment . I believe I should have revived two free blizzards as she didn't follow though with the rules. The worst part was the manager was right there and did nothing.
I do not have much money, this was a spur of the moment celebration thing and am extremely disappointed in it all.
This was a terrible experience, I spent a lot of money and it was a waste.

chicken strips, blizzard, service etc...

Dairy Queen

unethical behavior - romney wv, dq - 450 west main st.

It's recently come to my attention by way of social media that a disabled Vet was asked to leave the Romney DQ because he had his "service dog" with him, who was wearing a "service vest" at the time. According to the post made, this happened on Monday 11/4/2019 at approximately 11:00 am. The Veteran pointed out to the employee (who was suspected to possibly be the owner/manager), Federal Law allows him to have his service animal with him. It was at this time the Vet was told "that was not the policy of his restaurant" and he was forced to leave.

Romney isn't just home to many U.S. Veterans, my husband being one himself, but it's also home of the W.V. Deaf & Blind School. There are many disabled people in our community, including my own son, who also has a service dog due to a duel diagnosis of (non-verbal) Down Syndrome & Autism. As a member of the Romney community I'm absolutely appalled by the shameful and ignorant behavior of this employee, especially if it's the owner/manager. Someone in a position of authority should know better than to treat a customer in such a way. If this is how our U.S. Veterans are treated, I can only imagine how one of the disabled civilians would be treated if they were to enter with a service animal.

I'm not sure how this can be made right, but I will tell you by reading both the comments on the original post and on the Romney DQ FB page, this has reached across many states and people are infuriated that someone who put their life on the line for our country would be treated in such a way. I do hope this will raise awareness and be remedied as in our small community this message is spreading fast not just thru social media but also by word-of-mouth.

Thank you for your time. I realize Romney DQ does not represent all Dairy Queens. We love family time at Dairy Queen but until this has been addressed I'm sad to say we won't be taking our son to Romney DQ for his ice-cream.

  • Ka
    Kathy Mathis Nov 07, 2019

    this incident isn't from Nov 4, 2019, it's from 2015, and I am sure has already been dealt with. Let's not bury this Dairy Queen for something that happened 4 years ago.

    0 Votes


Very unprofessional. Managers customer service sucks . They need classes on how to treat customers. Restaurant need a closer look at it . I could never go back to that particular store . The one on 10th street is ok, I will start taking my family there . It's sad when you have to travel extra miles just to go to another one of your stores, and there is on right by your house. But the customer service is so [censored] it's ridiculous.

status of food when received

we went to the Dairy Queen in Euless a little after 5pm on 10/22 - ordered 10 tacos - 5 with no tomatoes. We received our food drove 8 minutes to our home and the tacos are Cold. The meat is not even room temperature - feels like it just came out of the refrigerator and bad lettuce. Two shells broken and one had been dumped into the box and had no filling in it. I have tried to call multiple times, but getting a busy signal, like the phone is off the hook. I have provided a picture of the lettuce. Extremely disappointed - I really like Dairy Queen, but this experience has really upset me. Would either like my money back $10.38 (she did not give me a receipt and I paid cash) or a coupon to try and see if we can get hot food next time. Thank you, Trisha Hunt [protected]

status of food when received

Dairy Queen

cake for a child’s 1st birthday.

I had ordered a cake from DQ in Spencer, WV. And was very annoyed at this cake. I simply asked to write Happy 1st Birthday Autumn with Minnie Mouse in the middle. They had told us that their projector wasn't working at the time, which was fine because they said they'd free hand it. When picking up the cake, we were rudely told that nobody could draw Minnie Mouse on the cake, and the cake looked terrible part of the cookie was still showing from where they didn't put enough icing on it, the cake just looked terrible over all! I feel that if something should be done about this! I'll never recommend anyone to this Dairy Queen again. Very very disappointed!

cake for a child’s 1st birthday.

Dairy Queen
  • Aa
    aag123 Oct 27, 2019

    delicious as it looks? It looks like a 5 yr. old did it and they probablly would of done a better job! That is the worst cake I have ever seen, I would not have paid for that, she should of at least been compensated with some vouchers so she could of brought her daughter in for some ice cream on another day.

    -1 Votes

banana splits

More whip cream than ice cream. Not enough ice cream to touch bottom of container. If I can find a way to attach picture I will.
This is the Wilmington Ohio store. 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday. Not busy, apparently for good reason. The staff was unapologetic and considered this the standard.

Adding extra fluff to make the minimum characters.
Charles Jones

banana splits

Dairy Queen

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