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Dairy Queen Complaints & Reviews

Dairy Queen / DQ Blizzard Cake

Tilica21 on May 20, 2017
I am reporting unethical behavior by a Franchisee. I ordered a Recess Blizzard Cake online three days in advance of when it was to be picked up. I was personally unable to pick up the cake, so I had my sister do so for me. When I finally saw the cake I was disappointed (the pictures are...

Dairy Queen / Terrible customer service

Prop E on May 19, 2017
Rude drive thru attendant argued with me and could NOT place my correct order. Finally get to the window after 15 minutes, wait another 10 minutes. About to leave then realize the order is still wrong so I went inside and tried to find someone. Finally did and was screamed at to "back up...

Dairy Queen / runny blizzard

Kelly Jo Owens on May 18, 2017
I travel all over Georgia running car titles with my 3-year-old grandson. After running titles for the day, I take him to the nearest Dairy Queen for a child's vanilla ice cream in a cup and I get a mini blizzard. About three weeks ago we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Elberton, Georgia...

Dairy Queen / smell n the service

Diana N Lee Farmer on May 15, 2017
It smelled very unpleasant un there by the soda fountain n freezer.The floir was very sticky n i lose my appetite when i walked paced there with my food.1 of the cashiers kinda gave me an attitude because i told them about the smell n the sticky floors.I think that this DQ needs to be...

Dairy Queen / dq slab cake

Steph0808 on May 14, 2017
Hello i am severley dissatisfied with the purchase of my birthday original slab cake today. I have had a traditional slab cake every year for my birthday and look forward to it. My guests were excited to enjoy a slice and when i cut and served it we were all very much dissapointed that the...

Dairy Queen / packaging for transport

Janet Cavna on May 11, 2017
Today around 11:20 a.m. I went to the DQ to buy two banana splits to go. The banana splits were put in a paper bag in such a way they leaked . When I delivered them a distance of about 3 miles they were melted and running out the bag and down the front of my clothing. Upon opening the...

Dairy Queen / customer service

jacob young on May 10, 2017
Went to DQ at 9:00, didn't get our food (two mini oreo blizzards) 9:45. We had to stand and wait in line that entire time. There were only two people working and I understand that especially if this location is struggling to hire people. The biggest thing that bugged me though was the lack...

Dairy Queen / Complaint

Shantille on May 8, 2017
This is the second time I have put in a complaint about the Blue Earth Minnesota 56013 store both times it is been over blizzards the first time it was like a watered-down milkshake and I even attach pictures and talk to the store manager with no success he could have cared less this time...

Dairy Queen / Ice cream cones and customer service

mrsoldduck on May 8, 2017
Last week we went to the Stayton Oregon Dairy Queen drive-thru and ordered 2 small cones. We got up to the window as someone was closing it and watched people running around working in the store for several minutes. Our cones were sitting in plain view. After several minutes (more than...

Dairy Queen / Blizzards and very rude service

Marilyn Helton Lewis on May 6, 2017
I go to D G each week to get large blizzards the last two time it had hardly any Oreo in them and he Hawaii one had nothing but coconut in it today I went again ( because my husband loves them) I told the lady at the window I couldn't hardly speak to her she was to busy closing the window...

Dairy Queen / Restaurant standards

Dqexperiencelindsay on May 5, 2017
Hello. May 4th I visited the Lindsay Ontario Canada restaurant at 430 pm and the womens washroom light was out, and both of the stall doors wouldn't lock! The locks have been broken for months by the way. A little girl and her pregnant mom came in together while I was using the washroom...

Dairy Queen / Strawberry Julius/ service

Frances1290 on May 4, 2017
Took 5 minutes for the lady to get my order mind you there was only one car in front of me and no one in back of me. She gets my order I pull up to the window takes another 5 minutes just to even get my card to pay. She give me my drink and the lid is coming off I take a sip of my drink...

Dairy Queen / blizzard

Derly Guerra on May 1, 2017
Today my kids wanted DQ so I drove them to the next town over, because even though we have a DQ in Palmview, Texas the veggies are never fresh & that's a fact. Might want to look into that, however the DQ in mission, Texas awesome. But sometimes employees don't leave there problems at home...

Dairy Queen / complaint about product

miracle89 on Apr 30, 2017
I went to Dairy Queen on Friday night at about 8:00 pm, my sister, mom, and I, all ordered the same thing. we ordered a Large Oreo Blizzard with extra oreos. When we got to the window I noticed that one of the cups did not look as though it had enough cookies. So I made mention to the...

Dairy Queen / Food

Lena9109 on Apr 29, 2017
I waited for ten minutes for food in the drive through with only two people in front of me. The fries were cold. The soda wasn't full and the chicken strips were the smallest thing I have ever seen with hardly any fries. They didn't give me gravy or ketchup that I asked for. I had to...

Dairy Queen / The employee

AaronFloyd on Apr 29, 2017
I was at the Dairy Queen in McKenzie Tennessee the zip cod is 38201. When I was in the store I saw in the back the cook spot on my chicken basket and then brought it up front like I didn't know what he did. The name tag said Colton White. I will not be back unless something is done and he...

Dairy Queen / order took 47 minutes

Carlos Mondragon on Apr 26, 2017
Raymondville, Texas DQ Ordered five (5) items, 2 salads and 3 baskets. Went up to counter, because I noticed others going up with receipts and asking about their orders. Finally after 47 minutes, I got a call when I had just paid for the order. When we got our order, checked the time and it...

Dairy Queen / customer service

504Diva on Apr 24, 2017
Drive Thru order taker very rude. Was charged for a dipped cone but ordered a blizzard. She didnt apologize and closed the window on me while I was still talking to her. She said in a rude tone you ordered a dipped cone and she said she repeated it but she didn't. If she repeated it the...

Dairy Queen / Food

Srascon on Apr 22, 2017
Dq 46 montgomery 2050 montgomery st. Fort worth tx, 76107 ...This was the worst experience i've ever had at a dairy queen in my entire life. They were rushing us and playing around. They overcharged us for 2 meals. We got the 4 piece chicken strips they charged for the 6 piece. The food...

Dairy Queen / Reese extreme blizzard.

stephenirwin on Apr 7, 2017
I went to my local dairy Queen and ordered the new Reese extreme blizzard medium size and a banana spilt with caramel sauce instead of strawberry. I was told that they where out of Reese pieces and peanut butter sauce. they offered to add more peanut butter cups. I said sure, when I got...

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