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Dairy Queen Complaints & Reviews

Dairy Queen / food /dirty

vicky vezevicius on Sep 18, 2017
We went to dairy queen last week on the corner of 64th and simms in arvada colorado80004 it was so dirty and the flies there was so many inside the store and they landed in our food we had to throw it away what a waste of 20.00 of mine ice cream was melting out of machine they were saving...

Dairy Queen / unsanitary food & bad customer service

Maria mendoza cruz on Sep 16, 2017
drove up to DQ on Nogalitos & corner of Sims st drove to drive thru waiting to order no answer so I drove around to get off, when walking in the dining All employee were sitting eating w the Manager in charge, they all walk behind counter to take order I order my ice cream & while waiting...

Dairy Queen / sanitary

Teckstein on Sep 15, 2017
Going in to order two small ice cream cones. I watch several employees playing with their mouth or hair then handling food without washing their hands. I went and found a worker and told her I didn't want that lady to touch my cone after playing with her lips and handling money which by...

Dairy Queen / unethical behaviour

Nellie Moen on Sep 15, 2017
My grandson and I went to get Ice cream at 4:07 today 09/15/17 and every time we have gone there he has set on the elephant and nothing been said to him. Today an employee (Shap) that's what I was told his name was. He was very mean, nasty and rude to my grandson and told him to get off he...

Dairy Queen / wrongful termination

Tara Kent on Sep 15, 2017
I was just recently fired from the Dairy Queen on S University Blvd. in Mobile, Alabama by the General Manager Clarence De Loach. He had mentioned to our Assistant Managers that he was looking for any reason to fire me. He would tell the other managers that I needed to be in complete...

Dairy Queen / unethical behavior

Tina1992 on Sep 15, 2017
On Sept. 15th 2017 at 12:32pm I was in the drive thru of the DQ located at 4902 Brownsboro Rd in Louisville, KY. As I pulled up to the drive thru line there were currently tow cars ahead of me( A white cargo van and a navy Nissan Altima), I thought to myself YAY, I'll be back to the office...

Dairy Queen / manager bad customer service

JackiegB on Sep 15, 2017
I pulled up to drive thru window in Wharton Tx. I was told to park, my order was going to be taken to me. After 20 min I decides to get off. As I waited my order came out I said no I want my money back. The manager came out very rude and told me it had not been 20 minutes it had been...

Dairy Queen / service/restraunt

Kelly Gee on Sep 12, 2017
Hi there! I went to the Dairy Queen located at 12902 Bandera rd. Helotes, TX 78203 tonight. Boy was it a uncomfortable scene! 2 of my friends & I went through the drive through and the lady on the Mic was being rude because we wanted separate orders, so we just went inside. I need to let...

Dairy Queen / service

midgett on Sep 12, 2017
On 9-12 I visited the Dairy Queen on US30 in Merrillville, Indiana about 1pm. I wanted to submit a survey but got no receipt. The cone I ordered was handed to me with no napkin and the employee had no gloves on. I don't know how you train your employees but I work in a bakery and we handle...

Dairy Queen / poorly trained staff

AnnieSeed on Sep 12, 2017
On the evening of Saturday, September 9, 2017 I went to the Dairy Queen location on Admiral's Road in Victoria, British Columbia, and found the service to be lacking. This is usually an excellent location, and until now I have found all the staff to be exemplary and courteous. However they have...

Dairy Queen / promotion blizzard

Alex De Leon on Sep 11, 2017
My name is Alex De Leon, My family and myself went to the dairy queen in Pharr Tx. We had bought a blizzard a day before among other items and then returned to get the promotion of the blizzard for $.99 cents. When we got there the assistant manager told us that the receipt was not stamp...

Dairy Queen / menu

Shellalynn on Sep 10, 2017
Our family of 5 goes to dairy queen on an average of twice a month. We all order meals with dessert which usually costs between $60 and $80 . Today on our way home from the lake we planned a dairy queen stop for supper. 4 out of our 5 upgrade our fries to chilli cheese fries no longer...

Dairy Queen / concern about discontinuation of blizzard

Jessica Huie on Sep 10, 2017
I would like a return of the s'mores blizzard that was discontinued in 2015. Tragic. It was the best blizzard on the menu and you just took it away... like we wouldn't even notice. It was such a hit in my hometown and I would go often just for that s'mores blizzard covered in crushed...

Dairy Queen / customer service

Antsarespicy on Sep 8, 2017
I went to the Dairy Queen at Yonge and Empress in Toronto. Normally the blizzards are okay there, not great, not bad. But today (9/8/17) the girl with the blue hair behind the counter took her sweet time coming to get my order because she was too busy chatting with the dude who wa...

Dairy Queen / Customer service

Her way on Sep 7, 2017
I went to Dairy Queen 9/7/2017 around 9:15ish. I was with a friend and we both had a seperate order. She wanted the Royal Reese's Brownie Blizzard. After saying this, the waiting game began. One person after another would ask "sorry ma'am, what did you want for the first order" so I...

Dairy Queen / blizzard

Gwen Rios on Sep 7, 2017
I recently went to the Dairy Queen in Cedar Hill, Texas. I have given this location numerous chances. Everytime, I keep hoping the next time will be better, but each visit leaves me disappointed. My favorite menu item is the blizzard. It is so hard to get a good blizzard. I have easy...

Dairy Queen / Manager lies

Kmasseyg& on Sep 7, 2017
I broke my tooth & clearly the Manager was aware & in agreeing that it was dairy queen @ fault he even told me he'd write me a check himself for my dental visit. Well when it came down to it he not only lied but denied telling me he'd pay for it. Seriously?? Isn't that what insurance i...

Dairy Queen / racial prejudice

Zeya1097 on Sep 6, 2017
On 8/29/17 around 3pm I paid for my girlfriend's ice cream and Mary was taking our order. She wouldn't make eye contact and then she refused to hand me my money and my receipt but tried to hand It to my girlfriend until my girlfriend stepped back from her. I'm African American and I felt...

Dairy Queen / customer service

Jeri Remmen on Sep 6, 2017
Went to the Dairy Queen in Bellevue NE on 9/4/2017 through the drive-thru. Very rude costumer service got cut off when ordering then when went to window while talking and finishing ordering she kept shutting the drive-thru window on me. Through the side window I see Crystal I know this i...

Dairy Queen / false advertising/ outdated signage

Juliet Bourdeau Hoke on Sep 6, 2017
Hello! We just left a Dairy Queen store on Mission Street in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. We saw a sign that advertised "Buy One Blizzard, Get One for $.99". But when we got to the counter and pointed to the sign, we were denied the advertised price. We were also told the advertised "Blizzard...

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