Uninhabitable Queen Anne HomeUnsafe, Unhealthy and Unlivable Conditions

I am writing to file a complaint about this house and the landlords who own it - in an effort to save others the ordeal I had to go through. It is located in Queen Anne, Seattle on 2533 12th Ave West. I responded to a listing on craigslist to rent it for $2000/mth. When initially walking through the home, it was filled will art on walls and fully furnished, detracting from visibility to structure. Upon moving into the empty house, not only did I find it in an extreme state if disrepair, but also found it infested with rats - all problems that were never mentioned previously.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Seattle, WA Upon addressing these concerns with the landlords that were all obviously present prior to my moving into the home, I received either resistance or refusal to address the problems. I found the house structural unsound, filthy and generally unlivable. It is a textbook definition of 'uninhabitable'. Please beware of this address if you are looking. Not only is it definitely not worth $2000 dollars, but it is a health hazard. I hope this message will save someone the trouble of going through what I did. It has been a terrible and traumatic experience. This was a scam...

PS - attached is a photo of one of the rats found in the house.

Uninhabitable Queen Anne Home

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