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I understand what all of you are saying. I have always wanted to learn how to make money online and I got suckered in to mentoring from a ### named Doug Odekirk from Top of Mind Media Group (who conveniently said he was no longer with them after two months of I contracting with them) who then outsourced the mentoring to Ed Sayers and ADM Mentoring. What it came down to is Top of Mind and ADM are in the same scam together and what I purchased was not what ADM delivered at all. I have spent an obscene amount of hours creating a couple different websites and two different coaches. I actually liked the second coach and I believe he actually thought he was helping me make money. Well after investing $8k with ### Doug Odekirk and 9 months later I haven't made a dime. Fortunately I am a successful corporate professional so it doesn't adversely affect me financially but obviously the time I invested is lost. It is just sad that there are ### out there that take advantage of people looking to learn something new and create an income stream for themselves. They will get theirs eventually. We all live and learn and I hope we all have learned something. I know I have.

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