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Dear Sir

On 30th December 2012, (HELWAN NON-FERROUS COMPANY), daughter company of the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production placed a purchasing order through bank L/C No. 100615, issued by The National Bank of Egypt to:

Address: Dai County The Ninth Branch Smelter Factory of Daixian, Taiyuan city Shanxi Province. Zip code: 034200
Tel : [protected]
Fax : [protected] or [protected]

Represented by its Managers:
Mr. Zhi Wei Yang : [protected]
His domicile Address: Xing Tai City, Hebei Province
His: Union Express - Account no: [protected]

Mary Li : [protected] / [protected]
Skype: marryli19852010 Mobile: 86-[protected]

Laura : tangemetals.[protected]
Skype: wang.laura22

Kelly Ya : Mobile: 86-[protected]

To purchase 25 Tons of Electrolytic Copper Cathode Sheets at the value of $163.750, - CIF Port Alexandria that was paid by L/C Nr. 100615 amount of 90% equals ($147.175 USD) was transferred by the National Bank of Egypt - Helwan Branch, Cairo, and the remaining 10% upon receiving the shipment, to the account of Chinese Company “TANGE NON-FERROUS METALS COMPANY” at:

Bank of Communications Co. Ltd, Offshore Banking Unit
Account No. OSA [protected]
Address: 188, Yincheng Zhong Road, Shanghai

The goods were shipped from Qingdao to Alexandria Seaport on 26.03.2013 (B/L Nr. YMLUM240031803) and when the goods arrived in Alexandria Seaport, it was inspected by the Chemistry Administration, part of the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade on 6th June 2013. And to our surprise, they discovered that the Chinese Company “TANGE NON-FERROUS METALS COMPANY” shipped container filled of yellow dust bags instead of Copper Cathode Sheets.

We tried several times to contact the supplier “TANGE NON-FERROUS METALS COMPANY” but in vain. We exerted too much time, efforts and money to contact that company but we failed because they not have proper contact numbers, we had sent them many emails but they never reply to us.

Finally, we contacted the Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Beijing and the Egyptian Commercial Office whom they confirmed to us that the mentioned Chinese company failed to reply and they believe that they intentionally changed their contact numbers and they intentionally changed their address. Moreover, in order to solve this unpleasant issue in an amicable way, we contacted several residing Egyptians in China whom also confirmed to us that; the company changed their telephone numbers and their business address too. Consequently, we have been noted that TANGE NON-FERROUS METALS CO, .LTD and Cangzhou Shi Repu Chemical Co, .ltd are professional cheater, swindlers and scammers, they belong to one owner, whose real name is Zhi Wei Yang, his false name is Xin Yang, his home town is Xing Tai City, Hebei province, their office located the Caption of Hebei province, (shi jia zhuang).

It is clear of the above that the Chinese Company “TANGE NON-FERROUS METALS COMPANY” deceived us. They deceived the Governmental Military Company “HELWAN FOR NON-FERROUS INDUSTRY”, one of the companies of the Ministry of military Production of ARE. I strongly believe that, this is not an appropriate move from a Chinese company putting into consideration the successful visit of our President to the People's Republic of China. It is clear that this Chinese company is fraudulent in some way, shape or form. We ask for the full return of the sum of $147.175 USD plus the related high expenses we had lost, with extra 5% (since 15th January 2013), plus L/C bank fees exceeds than $15.000, - & delay of military products that considered first class crime effects our Egyptian National Security as well as the Egyptian criminal law.

We kindly ask you to investigate and assist us to resolve this unpleasant issue in order to recover our loss as we have attempted to handle this issue multiple times and have been unsuccessful.

Original Group avails itself of this opportunity to wish you Happy New year, also able to submit you with all related documents concern for this issue (L/C bank swift, invoice and all other shipping documents. Please find attached scanned copy of the Letter of Credit.

Sincerely Yours,
AM. Mansour
Original Group Consulting Engineering Agents
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Address: 2, Street 79 Maadi, EG-11728 Maadi.
Postal Address: P.O.BOX 783 Maadi, EG-11728 Maadi.
Tel: +202-[protected] / 2 +202-[protected]


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