SSalazar Abegail BBBB (drdrdr) / Jeremy David Guida was victimized by a self centered girl named Abegail

1 Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA, United States

So beware of dating Abe, you might end up like Jeremy when you break up with her.

(Dr) Jeremy David Guida is just a victim of his ex girlfriend named Abegail. Abby posted negative things about Jeremy when he broke up with her and failed to communicate with her.(Salazar) She was too clingy, a little crazy, he calls him every 4 minutes and self centered, that is why he broke up with her. But, she cannot accept it and that she wanted vengeance.

Who calls her bf every 4 minutes anyway?(Salazar) Does posting like these stuff online is an act of a normal person, es p. professional? (Abegail) She is really scary, but some people do feel sympathy for her. Some people think she needs a help from a professional psychologist. She really needs to move on and begin an another chapter of her life too.


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