Relax Inn / Bad Service and Rude

1 1411 NW 31st Ave, Pompano Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 954-972-3700

Relax Inn is the worst place to stay at. Their service is the worst, their sheets are even dirty. They have phones in the rooms which don't even work, so why have them in there. I had an emergency that was related to my daughter and i really needed to use the phone, but the phone in my room didn't work. I went down stairs to the front desk and ask to use the phone and the stupid ### manger told me to go to sleep. Who is he to tell to me to go to sleep, I asked him what is the point of having a phone in the rooms if they don't work. He said they are there just for decorations like what the hell. I mean my daughter or I could be dyin and nobody won't even know because this piece of ### motel just have phones for ###ing decorations. Their sheets and pillow cases be so freaken fillthy and discussting. Their bathrooms be having roaches and look so dirty which makes you afraid to even take a shower. This motel is the worst motel that i've ever been to and will be the last. I would be very happy if this ### shuts down because I believe that nobody deserves this ### for their hard working money. We should receivce the best service, clean sheets, and clean rooms for our money. I will make sure this goes further and that they get what they really deserves which is go out of ###ing business. They are discussting to the fulliest. The manger Surgeo (I don't know how to spell his name and I really don't care) is the rudest person ever. He doesn't give good services at all and doesn't give his coustmer their needs such as the phone in my room. He doesn't know how to run his business and I'll make sure that he open his eyes to learn how to.

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