Refurbish Depot / Computer they sold me is a Lemon !!

In March 2009 I bought a Toshiba P305D-S8834 from Refurbish Depot at $800.00 ... The computer has been in for repair (5) times already - first time (July 2009), it needed a new motherboard, now there are problems with the cooling fan that Computer Priority Service (an extended warranty company) don't seem to be able to get a handle on.

Each time it goes in for repair, it costs me $70.00 for shipping and handling - and it's still not fixed !!

That Computer is a Lemon, as far as I am concerned - and there is no way for me to get back at Refurbish Depot for selling me this piece of ...

I will NEVER buy another thing from them - nor will I ever have anything to do with CPS again ... both are rip-offs !

I am also disappointed in Toshiba ... I thought they made a good product -not anymore !!

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