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Planet Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Planet Fitness / being double charged

Tyrone Scott on May 22, 2017
I went to planet fitness on April 16 th 2017 to let the manager know that I needed to change my billing info the manager on duty took my info and put it in the system. She then proceeded to ask me to slide my bank card to confirm the information and to pay my fee of twenty dollars for the...

Planet Fitness / dirty garbage bin next to my home full of old garbage and rats mice

The north bergen planet fitness on 64 street kennedy blvd has 2 separate parking lots which are always full of garbage. The employeesecond never ever clean it completely constantly leaving the large lit next to my home with garbage all around. They now place a, large metal garbage...

Planet Fitness / I am submitting a complaint about katie the new manager

Diego a on May 15, 2017
She has a horrible attitude !!! Ive been coming here for years and I have never experienced this . I came I'm with my partner and we tried to check in, him and I have been coming for years, he is in the system as my guest and they have his picture and everything !! She said she is the new...

Planet Fitness / cancellation of a debit order

rynee on May 15, 2017
my name refilwe Malebe id 7908230516087, I join theplanetftness gym at menlyn new branch . unfortunately I was suppose to move to menlyn in April at work (Assupol life )but we are moving end of June. I called the call centre to cancel the debit order that is going to be on the 28 of may a...

Planet Fitness / customer service sucks!!!

Catrena on May 15, 2017
Older black gentlemen name Charles was rude to my 20 year old daughter Thursday morning round 2:30am. I Catrena been a member since earlier this year and lately have not been due to 2 jobs... my college kid just got home Wednesday morning And will leave out again June 12 for early training...

Planet Fitness / advertisement inquiry

Rubee Bee on May 12, 2017
I went into Planet Fitness website to register my 13yr old daughter for a membership in the Weslaco, TX club. Upon entering the date of birth, I received a pop up explaining I'd need to go in person to register her and sign a waiver. Yesterday I took my 13yr old daughter and the lady at...

Planet Fitness / staff members

AngelaB44 on May 7, 2017
Member for about 2 years now My sister & I went to workout on 5/6/17 at about 10AM My PF card fell off my keychain so I tell the PF employee/trainer twice that I don't have a card & she's just standing looking at me w/no response so I asked could she look me up I gave her my name & the 1st...

Planet Fitness / Bad service

Esdras on May 6, 2017
Hello im a customer from planet Fitness in levittown city so, the employees on the counter they are so rude dont say hello, thank you bye anything the chinese lady she is so stuped when i go there she looks my pic in the system and she laghing about that i dont wanna go anymore ovethere i...

Planet Fitness / manager

Victoria McClendon on May 3, 2017
My name is Victoria Mcclendon. Yesterday I was told that I would no longer be working at planet fitness. So they let me go. But when I went back to get more information on why I was being released no one could give me a reason why I'm being let go. I'm need of help. I'm student in college...

Planet Fitness / billing/new membership

Cindy Gonzalez on May 1, 2017
This incident happened more than a year ago. I had a membership with Planet fitness for 3 years and had to stop going for some time. When I was finally able to show up again in the beginning of 2016, i was told that I had a balance and needed to pay it. In the summer of 2016, I received a...

Planet Fitness / staff service

702local on Apr 24, 2017
I was treated very rude and disrepectful by the staff at the East Flamingo location in Las Vegas. I showed up in my gym clothes ready to work out ready to sign up for a membership and I was denied entry. I submitted to the staff my debit card, credit cards, state issued ID, my insurance...

Planet Fitness / cancelling membership

Castillob on Apr 18, 2017
I wrote a letter cancelling my membership on 3/20/17. The letter was sent by certified mail showing it was received 3/22/17. It was signed by a Planet Fitness manager, and they still billed me for April's membership fees. They said they never received it. Oh really, that's why I have a...

Planet Fitness / The customer service

Dozer79 on Apr 6, 2017
I've been a member at the freedom Drive Charlotte location for 3 years. Today I was going to use a machine and I was told I couldn't because it was a 30 min station. If I wanted to use it I had to do them all or he would have to ask me to leave. I was there with a friend that just joined...

Planet Fitness / Poisonous swimming pool & bad service

Tomatzzz on Mar 29, 2017
My mother in law went to swim in Jan and her body skin became reddish and itchy during her swim, so she went to ask the staff what is happening with the swimming pool, they said nothing is wrong. She then went to shower and found her swimming suit became twice the size and her throat...

Planet Fitness / A employee who keep harassing me

Nicole1222 on Mar 27, 2017
Ever time I come in planet fitness I see this girl she always has something to say to me about my bill I believe last Thursday she said something to me about my bill being due but the other day I talked to a guy and he put it in the computer saying I was going to handle I asked the girl...

Planet Fitness / Cancellation

rabila on Mar 13, 2017
I made a rash decision and joined this gym. I worked out once and after thinking, I decided to cancel. My passion is spinning and these classes are not offered. I had been unable to work out for 3 years because of cancer and surgeries. This was my return to the gym. I realized I took to...

Planet Fitness / Condition

JoeyC65 on Mar 13, 2017
P.F in ledgewood NJ on route 10 is disgusting! The bathrooms are dirty and smells. Showers are black with stains all over ! The entire gym lacks ventation and the smell of smelly body odor is so bad your workout is quick. Personal don't come out of the back room to at least dust the...

Planet Fitness / No bathroom or limited bathroom services

Hector on Mar 12, 2017
The Middletown, NY Planet Fitness location has been under construction for 4 plus months. Bathrooms are a still not fully functional. Only one stall had toilet paper, which is still not in a dispenser. The cleanliness of the bathrooms is not maintained by the staff. The are dirty and at...

Planet Fitness / Bedfordview

Priscilla8 on Mar 11, 2017
I was gyming at planet fitness bedfordview on the 10 march 2017 at 7pm when my phone was stolen from the free weight section. Upon reporting the theft to the manager nompilo, she allowed me to review the cctv footage of the section where the phone was stolen. The cctv footage clearly...

Planet Fitness / Just gym rustenburg

M Strydom on Mar 10, 2017
Upon my initial joining at the Planet fitness Just Gym I was informed that it would not be a problem if my kids age 12 and 9 sit at the entrance (at that time there was a small high counter table and chairs outside the entrance gate)... the table was removed and the staff informed me it...

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