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Planet Fitness reviews & complaints

Planet Fitness complaints 620

Jan 07, 2022

Planet Fitness - Switching home location

I was told yesterday that I could go to the new home gym and fill out some paperwork and then I'd be switched. When I got there, nobody was capable of doing the switch, so I missed out completely on...

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Planet Fitness - Rude manager and overpayment

I have been dealing with a late payment fee regarding my account #[protected]. I have been a client of Planet Fitness since 2013. Recruiting memberships were completed in the parking lot a...

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Planet Fitness - Customer service when something happens

Today [3 January 2022] this happens at the planet fitness Suite - 111 - 92 International Speed BLVD. DeLand. Well I finished my workout on this date around 5:00pm, I parked my Car right in Front of...

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Planet Fitness - I am a member at planet fitness and I want to file a complaint

I belong to planet fitness in Benton harbor Michigan, have been with them for around 3 years, sometimes the day that my monthly dues are due falls on my opposite paycheck week, they have never had a problem waiting that week for me to make the payment, there was a manager named Ashley at the planet fitness tonight who's so rudely in front of everybody standing there said I cannot step foot in the door until I make the payment on Friday even though it's Tuesday, and everybody else during the week said no problem as long as you pay it Friday, I asked to get a number of someone in charge of her and she said she is the only one that's in charge and that nobody can make the decision but her, I was mortified and embarrassed and people were looking at me and I've never been treated this way before and I am very very upset about this, my name is Donna johnson, my phone number is [protected], I've always liked the people at planet fitness been going there for years and this was horrifying, she was very rude very abrupt and made me feel very upset, embarrassed, and she was so rude it was unbelievable

Desired outcome: Someone to reach out to me and someone to reprimand her because I do not like being treated this way it was very upsetting

We were able to reach this customer and resolve the issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Benton Harbor Planet Fitness

Dec 28, 2021

Planet Fitness - Harrassment

June/July/August/September - 2021

I reached out to Mathew in regard to an employee in September of 2021. Yes, the employee quit (after numerous complaints) once a schedule change was mentioned, however, it still bothers me that he had several complaints other than myself for the same issues. Now, I just recently went back on the 24th of December, and I felt not only sick to my stomach, but I was also paranoid. I went again today but it was a little bit better but noticed I have been looking over my shoulders.
The previous employee (his name was Greg) was great at first. Really nice and very helpful. However, he started in on me as if we were dating - he knew (and so does everyone) I was married. I was very nice but never crossed lines. He did. When he was helping me with some workouts, he was a bit touchy which was not warranted. Not to mention, when I tried to say that I wanted to work out by myself, he clammed up and just made it so weird. I went about my business and shortly thereafter, he came up to me stating he did not want to work out with me anymore. He would follow me out to my car to try to talk and was stalking me by coming in earlier than his shift/checking in with my friends to see if I was coming/etc. I do have text messages from friend group and witnesses that will vouch for this incident. I have reached out in hopes of having someone higher up contact me, but I have not received a word - as usual. I would like for someone to contact me about your policies on harassment and how many complaints should one receive before they are reprimanded. Please feel free to reach out to me at [protected] and I will give you additional information backing my claim.

Desired outcome: My desired outcome at this point is for my therapy to be covered as this has caused undue harm mentally and the next 12 months of my membership to be covered. I honestly think this is beyond fair at this point.

Dec 13, 2021

Planet Fitness - Harassment and racial discrimination

On Monday, December 13, 2021, I went to the Planet Fitness at 1100 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011 about 10:00 a.m. I was on my routine cardio exercise on an elliptical machine. I wa...

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Planet Fitness - black card perks and disinfectant spray

Good afternoon,
I visited the new Davie, FL location today for the first time with my partner. He is a black card member. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the gym was immaculate. However, we were told that the guest is not allowed to use the massage chairs I would like to suggest that the guest should be allowed to use any amenities that the member can use. if not, then the guest has to sit and wait while the primary uses the spa.
I would also suggest that the club should use a disinfectant mister instead of trying to manually disinfect each machine. It would be more efficient and mu ch quicker.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Wayne Leander

Desired outcome: Allow guest and member to use the spa and u8se misters to help clean machines.

Planet Fitness - The general manager

Hello, I am emailing regarding an incident that happened at 9723 Jefferson davis highway Fredericksburg, VA 22407 location, my friend and I were doing our normal routine when she was doing something that was apart of our stretching routine she had accidentally hit the fire alarm and the general manager of that location was there at the time of the incident and instead of talking to us he came back to where we were and started cussing and yelling at us because he was frustrated about something no one had control over then as we were evacuating the premises he loudly talked to other guests and employees about how we pulled the fire alarm and after that it continues, as we were waiting outside we asked him for a phone number or email for someone above him because as a general manager I felt he should not act like that towards guests after he has cussed and yelled at us and got in our faces and he simply just ignored us and we asked several times at that point I decided to call the police in hopes to get some kind of number and the stated there was nothing they could do and suggested we call other planet fitnesses to get my issues resolved so as we were exiting the parking lot and thought it was just done he decided to stick his middle finger up at us, so I would like for someone to call me or email me back regarding this situation because I would like for something to happen to this "general manager"

Desired outcome: The general manager moved to another location or fired

Nov 29, 2021

i never been in a planet fitness myself but i never seen a fire alarm like the one that it sounds like you encountered. all the ones i seen its nearly impossible to activate accidentally. the one that sits near my desk i would have to put my fingers in the pull table around a plastic shield that you need to lift first.

though even with that said, they should not have reacted that way to such a event. hope this is resolved for you.

Planet Fitness - Fees

I have tried canceling my account since last November. I have sent multiple emails contacted the club and sent letters and no one has canceled my account. You guys have been unlawfully charging me for over 12 months with no resolution and continue to charge me because you have my bank checking account and routing number. I have since moved across states to the countryside and I'm still being charged for this gym membership. This is so unlawful and needs to get taken care of.

Desired outcome: Cancel and pay me back

Nov 14, 2021

Planet Fitness - Unfair Fees

They don't tell you about the 39$ fee before you sign the contract.
No customer service, no respect.
They treat customers badly.
Some machines are out of order.
They will trick you into signing the professional black card, it has no real value, just extra charges. Not happy with the way they fooled me.
It was the Hickery Hills location in illinois.
Instead of helping out they keep saying its in the contract.

Desired outcome: Refund


Planet Fitness - Fitness center

11.3.2021, Planet Fitness, Alpine Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI.

I often stop by Planet Fitness when I am running errands and get in a quick workout. In cooler weather I take my 2 dogs, who love to ride, and leave them in the car. Today the manager, Raven, told me I wasn't allowed to leave my dogs in the car in their parking lot and would have to take them home, and she rudely added"DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. I said I would just move my car to the Menard's parking lot next door so I could finish working out. Raven said in a very rude manner "YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE YOUR DOGS UNATTENDED AT MENARDS!" as though I was some sort of horrible person. I moved my truck and returned and finished my workout, and as I was leaving I told Raven she could use lessons on dealing with people with respect. She said that she had called Menards to tell them about my dogs in the car, which was none of her business. Her overall manner was haughty and rude, but unfortunately I have come to expect this from staff at Planet Fitness. Instead of attempting to deescalate the tense situation, she kept getting ruder and ruder. My problem isn't with not being allowed to leave the dogs outside, though that is inconvenient. My problem is that Raven called Menards, which was none of her business, and that she addressed me incredulously and rudely thoughout both interactions.

Desired outcome: Share the negative experience with others considering joining this gym

Nov 29, 2021

she was right to be concerned about the dogs safety. it is suggested you do not leave your pets in a car in the car [they mention hot weather but i believe any weather] by the humane society. though the way she approached it is not the right way. if there was a real danger to the pets i'm sure you would have taken care of it civilly, or she should have called someone with authority to examine the situation if she couldn't peacefully resolve the situation. to call another company to complain about them is highly unprofessional.

Planet Fitness - Policies

Complaint against Planet Fitness at: 1450 E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Shreveport, LA 71105 Phone: [protected] General Manager: Ryan Complaint against cell phones. The policies of the club are...

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Planet Fitness - Manager of my planet fitness

My names Michael giacobbe. I've paid double membership for over a year because u guys double billed me. I didn't complain. every other time to the gym I'm told there's a balance and my bank account...

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Planet Fitness - Televisions

For several months, only 3-4 of the televisions have sound connected to the machines. The only channels we wish to listen to while working out do r have sound. I have complained to employees, as well as management about this issue, only to hear " we are working on it". It shouldn't take 3+ months to remedy this issue. I am also having issues scheduling tanning appointments. I walk in, schedule the appointment on the computer, walk straight to the desk to check in, and they tell my that appointment has already been filled by someone else. Not sure how that happens in a 30 second window

Desired outcome: Fix the sound on ALL televisions. Fix the tanning computer system, or train the employees better

Planet Fitness - Permanently banned from that gym for petty reasons.

I was warned about speaking to women, and I am a friendly person, and I was not asking them for any personal information, not asking for a date, not touching them in any way, nor sexually harassing...

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Planet Fitness - The handling of an incident at the gym

My husband (Ray), daughter(Sabrina) and I were at the Planet Fitness on Paul Russell Road in Tallahassee Florida on August 30, 2021. There was a member in the gym who had a tripod with his cell phone attached and was filming in the area I was working out. I asked one of the employees about it. I was told that you have to have permission from people before filming them. I was never asked and was not sure if I had been filmed. The employee went and talked to the member about it. He was in the area where my husband was working out. After the employee talked to him another member approached him and told him that I was the one who reported him. My husband came out and told me that the member was mad and was going to come and yell at me. The member approached me and asked me why I was getting into his business. I told him I didn't know if he had filmed me or not and I didn't want to be filmed. Then he used profanity toward me. I didn't want to argue so I walked off. Then he went to yell at my husband about why he came out and told me that he was coming. My husband didn't want to deal with him so he motioned for an employee to come and get him off his back. My husband didn't say a word to the member cause he didn't want to cause trouble. We thought that was the end of it. Later my daughter said she saw that member up at the front desk ranting to the assistant manager and the other employee. She also witnessed him yelling at me and my husband. The next thing that happened is that an email was sent telling my husband that his membership was revoked. I called to talk to the Area Manager, Robert Peammon about it. I asked him why my husband's membership was revoked and he told me that my husband used derogatory language toward the member. I asked him how that was possible when my husband didn't say a single word to the member. He told me that he had tried to get hold of my husband several times to talk to him about it. He only called twice and left a message which at the time we had gotten new house phone and hadn't figured out how to retrieve messages yet. I asked him why he didn't call my cell phone and ask to talk to my husband. He said he couldn't do that. He told me that he had spoken to two employees that worked that day and got the story on what happened. I asked him how the assistant manager could know what happened when she was too far away to hear anything and that she only told him what the member told her. I asked him why he didn't talk to me about it because I was the one who asked about the filming in the first place. He didn't give me any answer. I asked him how he could make a decision with only one side of the story and he told me that the decision was final. I told him that the member was not telling the truth and he just wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. Then he said "the employee took a statement from you didn't he". I said no. Nobody talked to any of us. Since the member, the assistant manager and the area manager are all African American and my family and I are white we feel like my husband was discriminated against because he was white and a senior citizen.

Marsha Wencl

Desired outcome: The revocation of my husbands membership reversed and letter apologizing for the handling of the situation

Planet Fitness - I want a membership

Sept 20 around 3 pm tried to join was willing to pay a year upfront told to get out person was rude camera at check in should have recorded our conversation. I was a member before corvid put my...

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Sep 17, 2021

Planet Fitness - I quit 3 years ago and they debited my bank account yesterday

I do not have a Planet Fitness account. I quit 3 years ago. I don't owe them any money. Yesterday they debited my account. When I tried to call many posted numbers none of the numbers worked. The website says to login and go to customer service. I do not have an account because I QUIT. Stop debiting my account. Take me off your list. Take my account off your records.


Planet Fitness - Manager "Ruthy" judgement of my bank account.

I have been a black card member for at least 5 years. Planet Fitness has to have a bank account in order to be a member. They have had my bank account access and access to my debit card since I first...

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Planet Fitness - Harassment

My friend was at the gym in linden and this man come over to her and hit on her and she turned him down down . Then he call her nasty names so the worker of the gym came over and she told them the man was harassing her and they told her because they didn't see what happed they wouldn't kick the man out or ask him to leave. I think this is very unprofessional and but my friend in danger. So she went right up to the desk and canceled her membership.. No one should unsafe at the gym and not believe a women who was being harassed. I hope in the future you protect women. We will not be returning

Desired outcome: Protect women

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