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Planet Fitness / multiple charges on my account-theft

Iwas robbed on Oct 20, 2017
Planet fitness took from a account I called to report was canceled. Stillplanet fitness accessed the account despite being given a new account. The old account was thrown into a even higher negative balance. First charge was on October 2nd then on October 17th 3 charges for the same amount...

Planet Fitness / manager is trash

james93 on Oct 12, 2017
Gonzales, LA. Alvin Hartley: Manager He is literally a trash human being. His size doesn't even matter, but just so you know, he's a manager of a fitness gym yet is so obese he waddles! He doesn't give a damn about his employees or his customers. If anyone complains about anything then he'll...

Planet Fitness / fee billing scam

Tiger2232 on Oct 11, 2017
They boast $10/month. Then you find out three is an annual fee of $39. Ik i guess that's reasonable. However, I signed up for my wife on line and you have to pay the $39 fee via credit card and the monthly $10 has to come out as a month draft from your checking account. So that's what i...

Planet Fitness / several overdrafts

Laura Jarman on Oct 9, 2017
Me and my husbands account has been over-drafted several times. I went and spoke with the manager at the planet fitness near me and she was rude and I also tried to cancel our account but she was also rude about that and didn’t want to do it so we left. I have all the proof the bank could...

Planet Fitness / regulations

yanira gomez on Oct 9, 2017
Planet fitness has a habit of changing regulations when they wish, first I have been using resistance bands for almost a year at this gym amd now they decide its not accepted and I asked for contract and it doesn't specifically say no bands, I asked them to underline specifically where it...

Planet Fitness / planet fitness middletown, ny

Hector Louis on Oct 8, 2017
I am a several year member of planet fitness and just can't not report the poor management of the Middletown NY location. After suffering through the construction last year, which lasted way longer than it should have, the way the exercise machines and men's bathroom are maintained or I...

Planet Fitness / television station choices.

Barbara Ryan Flynn on Oct 8, 2017
I went to workout this afternoon expecting to be able to watch Red Sox Playoffs (Norwood Ma. Planet fitness. Wasn't an approved station. The members were not able to watch their team play. Also no stations were showing any football games. There are 2 fixer upper stations. Fox news and etc...

Planet Fitness / staff member

Stephanie Lott on Oct 7, 2017
Hi I'm a member @the Sharpstown location in Houston, Texas my name is Stephanie Lott & my Tag# is 10043859004 I am filing a complaint against an employee that posted a video of me on Facebook without my consent. Now I'm being laughed at & embarrassed .Yes I have spoken to a manger at thi...

Planet Fitness / required in person cancellation

Jessi Cepeda on Oct 3, 2017
Hi I am a member of the Planet Fitness located on : 160 Malabar Rd. Palm Bay, FL (321) 307-4600 Although I have no direct complaint other than Life's unexpected had changes. i am a single mother of 2 small boys and unfortunately to get a 2nd job, I could no longer put in time at the PF...

Planet Fitness / lubbock texas

Lonnie Wood on Oct 2, 2017
I had a membership last year and addressed my multiple complaints back then before quiting because of the stores managers lack of compassion or caring. I went in again today to rejoin and was prepared to rejoin until I started asking about my prior concerns. The nice girl went and got the...

Planet Fitness / general manager

David6 on Oct 2, 2017
Hi to whom it may concern I have been A Planet fitness member for 5 years, The last 2 years I have not attended the gym. I went in today and ask the manager for a refund for my annual members fee. He explained that it cannot be refunded. So I explained that I understand and maybe we can...

Planet Fitness / unethical behavior

Paulla Smith on Sep 27, 2017
I am a planet fitness customer on September 25th I went to Planet Fitness- Bushwick location in Brooklyn, NY to work out. At the end of my worker I went to ladies locker and found all of my things have been removed from locker including my lock. I spoke to gentlemen at front desk about...

Planet Fitness / customer service (camilla)

Katrina T on Sep 26, 2017
I just rejioned the club about 3weeks ago I workout 3times a week every week.So today I'm on the treadmill this young lady approach me Very rudely I didn't know she was talking to me at first so I take my headphones off and Rudely she say Didn't you hear me I said huh mind you I have on...

Planet Fitness / I am trying to cancel

olga_1 on Sep 26, 2017
from planet fitness located my name is olga illas ph# 917-201-0771 email: olgaillas5@gmail.com Re: Location 140 Wildwood Parkway Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone: 205-719-1722 I called to cancel my member ship. i was advised that i need to go in person or mail in a letter. With email: why not...

Planet Fitness / customer service

Erat S Joseph on Sep 21, 2017
9/17/2017 At the Planet Fitness on Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 9/17/20176 at around 11:00 A.M. while I started exercising, an employee rushed at me asking me to pay for the bottle of water I had taken from the refrigerator. I asked him if I could pay on my way out. He said, “no...

Planet Fitness / equipment

jackierivera21 on Sep 19, 2017
I noticed that in certain locations; depending on the neighborhood the equipment is more varied. I used to go to a blink gym but changed to Planet because is closer to my house. I get a better workout when I use the stair master but the location I go to does not have any. I'm a member at...

Planet Fitness / closed today 9/16/2017

Dsimp5460 on Sep 16, 2017
I live in Madison Maine and my membership to Planet Fitness is in Waterville Maine, my drive is 27 miles one way.. I was last in the gym on Thursday 9/14/2017 and there was no sign saying they would be closed on Saturday 9/16/2017 and it is not a holiday, so I don't understand why the gym...

Planet Fitness / an employee

Shannon Stonee on Sep 10, 2017
I walked in at 4:20 pm with a friend and I had left my card in the car. Christpher asked if we had our cards out and I said no I don't have mine so can you look mine up. He snapped at me and said not right now. He continued his attitude while looking my name up and did not apologize for...

Planet Fitness / treatment by owner

Lisa Smith on Sep 8, 2017
Wednesday 9/6 2017 Middletown Ohio club I have Made numerous complaints to the management team and owner about several things mainly the level of music. On this particular day I went to do my workout and was fed up with having to have my headset on up to its highest level and still hear the...

Planet Fitness / treatment by owner

Lisa Smith on Sep 6, 2017
Today I was told to leave the Middletown Ohio club and cancel my member ship. I have been a club member for 6 yrs same owner Mike in Newport KY and Ohio. I made a customer complaint on the Middletown Ohio website over several issues one of which was the music and two the chemical smell...

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