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PO Box 50
Or Yehuda
Israel - 60250

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+972 180 122 2299(Israel) 3 0
+61 180 073 1768(Australia) 5 0
+43 800 802 582(Austria) 0 1
+32 8002 6102(Belgium) 0 0
+1 844 921 2230(Canada) 0 0
+45 8082 0132(Denmark) 0 1
+33 80 508 0098(France) 0 0
+49 800 589 3922(Germany) 0 0
+353 180 081 7330(Ireland) 0 0
+31 800 240 0013(Netherlands) 0 0
+64 800 995 069(New Zealand) 0 0
+47 8002 4741(Norway) 0 0
+27 800 980 785(South Africa) 0 0
+34 900 838 969(Spain) 0 0
+46 20 889 289(Sweden) 0 0
+1 877 432 3135(USA) 1 6
+44 800 098 8125(United Kingdom) 3 5

MyHeritage Complaints & Reviews

MyHeritage / My heritage call service

Dianacortez on May 9, 2017
A few weeks ago I started a family tree and by mistake I created another family tree under the same email address. and I also paid your annual fee of $89 I do believe, I have been trying for two weeks to contact someone to help me Rectify this problem they're either close or at lunch a few...

MyHeritage / they lost my dna sample and won't refund my money!

MollyGrilli on May 6, 2017
I strongly advise everyone thinking about using My Heritage to reconsider. I sent in my DNA samples, after paying $91, with shipping. At 7 weeks, after I sent it back, I emailed to see where my results were. After receiving no reply, I emailed again. No one returned my email until the 8...

MyHeritage / mh deleted my (paid subscriber) family tree without my permission!

M Shearer on Apr 18, 2017
Back in January I simply asked how I could manage duplicates I was finding on MH on-line tree. Tech asked me to download and use their Family Tree Builder (big mistake). I ended up down a rabbit hole, where Tech synced my on-line WEB tree with Family Tree Builder to create a GEDCOM tree...

MyHeritage / I want to close my account!

Jack on Apr 11, 2017
MyHeritage is a very annoying company and I can't get rid of them! I used this site in the past and I can't say that I was satisfied or something. No, MyHeritage was just not what I expected, so I decided to close my account. I contacted them and they assured me my account was closed. But...

myheritage.com / dna teatesting

KIm Martin-sassa on Apr 10, 2017
My cousins and I had DN A testing done with them we are 5 generations +German, 5 generations + County Cork Ireland, 5 generations + southern France, native American said my brother was my great uncle paid $100 mine came back British, Sardinia and Italian they sent a list of relatives not one is mine they hang up every time I call.want my money back

MyHeritage / My heritage "recurring" payments

Andrew483 on Mar 15, 2017
I paid the above company for one year's subscription in March 2016. This company emailed today (me one year TO THE DAY after the previous payment) to tell me they had taken another year's subscription from my account. I received NO prior warning that this was going to happen - they just...

MyHeritage.com / I am very disappointed

Koinn80088 on Feb 28, 2017
I am very disappointed with MyHeritage, there is absolutely no customer service and they ignore all my attempts to reach them. They replied only once with an automated message and nothing regarding my problem. These people simply don't respect their users and it's ridiculous that they...

myheritage.com / The change in subscription service terms unilaterally from that we signed upon

Nissim Moses on Jan 16, 2017
When I started to subscribe to my heritage premium plus family tree builder program it included 1 unlimited data storage and unlimited synchronization with family tree on the website. 2. Unlimited data storage of photographs. 3. Unlimited number of articles to be uploaded in separate...

MyHeritage.com / DNA kit

pcsmith on Dec 9, 2016
I placed an order and paid for a DNA Kit on November 9, 2016 to this day December 9, 2016 I have not received the kit. After 1 email and 2 phone calls the story about the dates for back order shipments continually changes. The company stated they will give me a full refund in 3 to 10 day...

MyHeritage / Rip off!

Sam on Jun 7, 2016
I did not like MyHeritage so I decided to cancel my account. I contacted customer support team and asked them to cancel and they promised to do that. Later I received a bill and understood that these guys failed me and never ever cancelled my account! I went online and emailed again, but...

BLS Myheritage LTD / This company charged me for something, but I have no idea for what

Reviewer66663 on Feb 12, 2016
I recently checked my account and noticed that unknown for me company BLS Myheritage LTD took money from my account. I didn’t authorize any payments and it was very strange. As well as I checked reviews about this company and found out that there were many customers, who lost different sum...

My Heritage / Infringement on my Privacy - Unauthorized usage of my photo and data

Cesar Mantilla on Jun 27, 2015
My full name, Photo and related data has been publish on this site without my authority and is also all incorrect. I request my information is immediately remove from this site. I can not request this to the site unless I pay and I am not prepare to pay to remove an unauthorized intrusion on...

PLI*MY HERITAGE_LTD / Removal of monies from bank A/C

Michael Mercer on Mar 10, 2014
Several years ago, I utilised MY HERITAGE (A US Company) to view their service concerning family heritage. I used their information to see what they were offering, ONCE ONLY. I was not impressed with what they were offering, so that was the end of any association with them. I was charged a...

MyHeritage Family Tree / No technical support

Jan Mastenbroek on Jan 20, 2012
All text data has been lost from my family tree, put together using MyHeritage software and services. The backup files held by MyHeritage should contain this data, but does not. MyHeritage technical support has failed to address this issue repeatedly and continues to ignore my plea for a...

MyHeritage.com / Stay away from these guys

They hold your details as it is a family tree. for me they are holding too many details none of which i gave them. i have asked them more than once to remove the surplus details but up to now they have either refused or now they ignore my emails.

My Heritage / Scams

Saying its '' Scam free'' when it is not and giving out too much personal information. Some girl from the United Kingdom a.k.a. UK asking if she wants to hook up

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