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1800 817 330(Ireland) 4 0
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+1 800 987 9000(USA & Canada) 6 5
+44 800 098 8125(United Kingdom) 38 60
+64 800 995 069(New Zealand) 2 7
+43 800 802 582(Austria) 1 4
+32 80 026 102(Belgium) 1 1
+45 80 820 132(Denmark) 1 1
+358 800 102 172(Finland) 1 0
+33 805 080 098(France) 2 1
+49 800 589 3922(Germany) 1 3
+31 800 240 0013(Netherlands) 3 1
+47 80 024 741(Norway) 1 0
+34 900 838 969(Spain) 2 0
+46 20 889 289(Sweden) 3 0
+972 180 122 2299(Israel) 7 1
+27 800 980 785(South Africa) 1 0
+55 800 878 2500(Brazil) 2 0

MyHeritage Complaints & Reviews

MyHeritage / customer service

Jun 11, 2019

Hello. I put a purchase through on the 4th June 2019, but before I proceeded I rang your company as fathers day is approaching to ask if there would be any discounts within the next few days and I was told No. With this in mind I purchased the kit at full price. One day later in the...

MyHeritage / dna results for 557203721

Jun 04, 2019

This is not really a complaint, but more like a question. My DNA results do not match my genealogy as I know it. If what you sent me is accurate, then the father who raised me was not my birth father. This was possible since I was born in 1943 & the man married to my mother (whom I...

MyHeritage / my heritage renewal

Jun 03, 2019

Hi i did not authorise for a renewal to be automatically debited form my account My husband bought this for me for my birthday as a bit of fun then all of a sudden $347 taken form my account. Now i cant get hold of anyone to speak to or try and resolve this. The only thing i can think of...

My Heritage / unauthorised payment taken

May 28, 2019

I signed up for a free trial but was unaware that they had automatically subscribed me to their service without specifically asking for my consent or advising of the cost and they have signed me up and charged me for a full year's membership. I would like a refund and for the subscription...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / my heritage free trial

May 16, 2019

Hi there My Heritage makes it extremely difficult to cancel a trial subscription. The customer support number is constantly busy. There is no email provided to cancel. The link to cancel is very difficult to follow. It requires that an account number be provided. I do not want to sign up...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / my heritage trial membership cancellation & notification

Apr 30, 2019

Good day, I sent an email to [email protected] about this issue and didn't receive a repsonse, so now I am trying this forum. I just got an email saying that a payment had been made for a 1 year subscription $139 to MyHeritage. I did not receive a notification that my 14 day trial wa...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / dna matching

Apr 26, 2019

Hi, my name is Marta Luna Roshardt, i'm very disappointed with the way "my heritage " site has turned out to be. At the beginning we were able to see coincidences in DNA matching with other relatives in several differents etnias, but now all of a sudden we see only one ethnic match and to...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / trial membership cancellation

Apr 17, 2019

My Heritage makes it extremely difficult to cancel a trial subscription. The customer support number is constantly busy. There is no email provided to cancel. The link to cancel is very difficult to follow. It requires that an account number be provided. I do not want to sign up for an...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / dna results

Apr 17, 2019

Feb 27 2019 my sample was received in your lab. March 8 2019 I received an email stating there would be a delay in receiving my results. Site was eventually updated saying I would receive results between April 6 and 17th. System then a few days later was updated stating that I would...

MyHeritage / smart matches

Apr 12, 2019

I was recently provided a list of Smart Matches for a tree I deleted last year. My current tree with 3000+ people has received no Smart Matches on the website. I am told of many records matches but would have to upgrade. I don't need records matches as I get them from another site. The...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / results

Apr 08, 2019

My wife and I submitted our dna at the same time. She already emailed 2x and received her results. I see that my results are still pending. As everyone else, we received the date change from March to April, which was frustrating in itself. It seems this delay is pretty standard for your...

MyHeritage / dna results

Mar 27, 2019

Results are taking much longer than initially advertised. Received the kit on at the beginning of February. And sent it off within a matter of days. Have been waiting now for just over a month now and supposedly there's been the to introduction of new chip; thereby delaying results by...

MyHeritage / unauthorized collection from my credit card and a payment via apple

Mar 26, 2019

On the 19th of March my membership expired. I was anxious to lose all my family trees, dna results etc etc. In my iphone app (my heritage) there was an offer to extend my membership of E 119, 95. I paid through apple the amount to myhertage. Next day i saw that Myheritage had made a collection of E...

MyHeritage / no chance to change from old, non-existent anymore email address to new one. recovery procedure fail.

Mar 15, 2019

I lost access to my corporate email address after retirement. Now, I am not able to reactivate access to my MyHeritage familytree because all reactivation emails WERE SENT to old, non accesible for me corporate email. Phone support for basic account isn't available so I'm completly stuck. No...

MyHeritage / dna result mixed up

Mar 13, 2019

I have received my DNA results a couple of months ago claiming that I am 78% north african and only 16.7% iberian yet I am a spaniard, my family is valencian and asturian. While I am aware of the north african genetic impact on the iberian population, I have found my results to be a mix up...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / stolen personal data; myheritage has caused a breach of millions, along with

Mar 11, 2019

Since has had 908 million data breaches as of February 2019, MyHeritage is also listed as having COMPROMISED MY PERSONAL DATA in October 2017. How dare you CONCEAL this data breach from the USA citizens. You are hereby requested to immediately REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE any and...

MyHeritage / delayed results

Mar 08, 2019

I sent my kit to the company more than two months ago and they received it on February 1st. The results were supposed to come out at the end of February and I've been eagerly checking my e-mail all this time for confirmation that they were ready. However, I've just been notified by My...

My Heritage / dna service

Mar 06, 2019

I bought their test kit, like so many people have, but its false. I have Maltese heritage in my family and possibly Italian -- my fathers side of the family all have brown skin and brown eyes -- their great grandmother came from Malta. Also i'm pretty sure i have some English and French...

MyHeritage / no response to missing dna kit

Mar 04, 2019

I sent back my DNA kit from UK 19th February last month in envelope provided by My Heritage paying the correct postage at the Post Office ad I have proof of posting receipt. I activated the kit online as advised. It is now 4th March and according to the my online account the test kit ha...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / did not receive dna kit after over a month.

Feb 25, 2019

After over a month, I never received any DNA kit, but it says that the kit was shipped.

MyHeritage / charges I never authorized

Jan 24, 2019

I've never even been to this site and was contacted by my debit card fraud prevention team that 8 charges for $104.00 had hit my card on 12/31/18 which I did not authorize. They reversed the charges and sent me a new card. Well this morning, 1/23/19, I have 2 new charges each for $104 from...

MyHeritage / renewal notice for myheritage

Jan 23, 2019

My name is Tanja Dalton . i received an email about myheritage and a payment. I ignored the email and have now found that my credit card has been debited $182.67. I have not used this product and do not wish to use it. There is no reference or customer number and the emailed states a...

[Resolved] / dna result

Jan 20, 2019

874926631 is my account ID. Just received my DNA results - can they possibly be correct? Have they been mixed up with someone elses? According to the test result:- 49.3% Scandinavian 48.7% Irish, Scottish and Welsh 2.0% Greek How can this be correct? I am English - my...

MyHeritage / charges on my credit card and i've never used the site.

Jan 16, 2019

I have 8 charges on my bank statement for $104 from My Heritage company and I've never used My Heritage, nor did I authorize the transactions. The charges were refunded a few days after, but I have bank charges from insufficient funds. The 8 charges occurred on Dec. 31, 2018 and they were...

MyHeritage / dna test

Jan 15, 2019

I have taken several DNA tests from other companies. This by far, had the vaguest results. 94.2% North and West European. I could of told you that! My other reports had distinctions in terms of Spain, England, Ireland, Denmark, etc. This was one of the biggest wastes of money I have ever...

MyHeritage / dna results

Jan 13, 2019

I took a DNA test and the results are completely wrong. Did you guys really run a DNA test, or give random results ? The so called tests said that I'm about 83 percent african. Untrue. My mom is mixed with Puerto Rican, Lumbee indian. My results revealed nothing like that. I sent in for...

My Heritage / obtaining money by deception

Dec 29, 2018

This company withdrew rwo payments of £69 from my account on 24th December without my consent. They have failed to respond to my communications as requested so the matter Is now in the hands of the West Midlands Police in the UK and the Fraud Department at my bank. Under the Sale of Good...

MyHeritage / myheritage matches in legacy family tree

Dec 28, 2018

In Legacy Family Tree program of which I have been using for at least 20 years there is a MyHeritage match showing for a considerable number of my ancestors and descendants. This is very good for a lot of my research and has helped me a lot, but my complaint is there are a number of...

MyHeritage / missing dna sample kit

Dec 27, 2018

I am the customer of Myheritage account number; 877443601. I sent my dna sample to Houston Lab with DHL express shipment. The tracking number is 8550825522. When I checked I see that is recieved by M Sanchez. But, the problem is there is no status update on my account about receivement. I...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / obtaining funds by deception now being passed to west midlands police

Dec 24, 2018

I have been trying all day to resolve a matter with your staff in the UK with little intelligence. Last night you made two Direct Debits for over £60 to my account, funds that should have been available for my seriously ill daughter, on her last Christmas. You took one payment which was cancelled...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / the result is a joke!

Dec 21, 2018

Tis the season and my family has came to my home for Christmas. I thought it would be a great surprise for my dad if I bought him a kit and at Christmas we unveil his heritahe. Today is the 21st and I received his results of his nationality but THAT WAS IT! Nothing about his time he served...

MyHeritage / dna test kit

Dec 19, 2018

Hi, I have purchased about 6 kits up till now but I had to pay import taxes for only the last three shipments. The packages seem to have been shipped from Germany while the issued invoice has an address in Israel. If from Germany, since Cyprus is an EU country then surely there must not be...

MyHeritage / dna kit not received by myheritage yet

Dec 10, 2018

To whom it may concern: I am writing to whoever would be able to give me feedback because I have sent my DNA kit to the address in the envelope and from Spain, the courier said it should have arrived now already but I don't see any update in the app. I am worried as to why it isn't there yet...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / dna results

Dec 06, 2018

I was excited to receive my DNA results! I received them today 12/6/2018, 2 months after I paid. What a waste of money! It shows I have 0% Italian ancestry! WHAT! My grandparents both were born and raised in Italy and still have family living there. They came to the USA from Italy in the...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / no feedback

Dec 05, 2018

I ordered the DNA kit and it arrived in about 2 weeks, I send it back about three days later, now almost 2 months has passed and nothing. On the status it says the kit was not received by the lab yet, I find it very worrying, I believe my kit was lost. I don't know what happened and I need...

MyHeritage / dna cheek swab samples

Nov 29, 2018

MyHeritage send me the empty DNA kit with no further warning that in some countries it might be not possible to post such items. I payed for the kit, now I am not be able to post it back to the company, because all carries refused to take DNA samples according to the instructions from...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / dna test purchased today (11/26/18)

Nov 26, 2018

I had purchased a DNA test from here today & when I checked my bank statement I was charged for 2 (two) DNA tests. I called & talked to a person named Ivan about it as to take off the 2nd one & once talking decided to cancell my original as well as the other one & to just refund me back my...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / delay in receiving my dna kits

Nov 20, 2018

Dear Myheritage, I made an order for a total of two DNA kits over two weeks ago and I remember reading that it should take about 1-2 weeks to arrive. It has not until now and I would like to know where have they reached ? I was notified the kits were shipped a while ago but nothing since...

[Resolved] MyHeritage / my abo - ich bin sauer!!! habe meine email adresse geändert und komme nirgends hinein

Nov 19, 2018

Ich bin seit 11.06, 18 Mitglied (Dienstleistung 1-385-313-975 um 107, 88 Euro), habe meine Email geändert und es gelingt mir trotz stundenlanger Versuche nicht, diese zu synchronisieren, auch nicht mehr, meine Kontonummer zu finden. Die Helphotline ist nur für Mitglieder da...Ich werde unter...

MyHeritage / charged $119.40

Nov 17, 2018

I made an account in October or so when I wanted to do a little research in my family and only used it for a day or so. I had full intentions of deleting my account but I have been very busy these past few weeks and could not check my email. So you'd see how it would come as a shock to...