Rebelbirds / f350 6.4

I have been a ford man ever since I got my licence I am now 50, all I have ever owned was a ford.
Ever since I bought my 2008 F350 6.4 diesel it is in the shop multiple times a year for different issues costing a lot of money things like heater quit working on drivers side, radiator replacement, power pump for breaks failed, and many others. I was OK with them just annoyed but this latest one is the worst, whenever I tow I loose all power there is no gas peddle and I slow down to a crawl, there are no alarms I am not in a exhaust cleaning it just goes to limp mode, I have my truck with the trailer at the shop now (again) and I am hoping they will be able to see something with there equipment hooked up to it while driving.
even though I love the ford F350 I am so disgusted with taking this to the shop all the time I may buy my first GMC I have family members who own them and it seems their Dura max with the Allison transmission is one of the best matches out their.
I realize I am one person and my issues are of no interest to a large company like yours it is just hard to defend a product that lives in a shop being repaired.
Thank you for your time
Scott Rhodes

Jul 27, 2018

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