One Call Auto Glass / Scam

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Back in September ’09 I called One call auto glass to replace my windshield, I called the phone number I got from the TV ad I saw and to ask them a few questions about their promotion, which was a free $25 dlls. GIFT CARD every month adding up to $500 dlls, I asked the person to make sure I understood the promotion, if I would get an actual Gift CARD worth $25 dlls every month and she said “yes”. I guess she just told me what I wanted to hear and they had no intention to follow up with their word/promotion. I then proceeded to schedule to have my windshield replaced. I had it replaced by the end of September and I started to wait. I followed their policy which was what the girl had told me, wait 4 to 6 weeks then I would receive the GIFT CARD.

After the end of the 6th. Week I called back to check on the status of the GIFT CARD, that’s when I was lied again, the guy told me they had lost my information and that they would need to take it again and they will send it within a week. After I waited two weeks without receiving anything, I called again, and this time I asked to talk to a manager, the manager lied to me again, he told me he didn’t have my information and asked me to give to him AGAIN and that he will process the GIFT CARD as soon as possible and send it to me the following day. After a couple of days I received a letter in the mail with some type of promotion that I had to send a check to a third party company with a filled up application and copies of my id and ssc, then they will process it, the letter also stayed that the way it works is that I have to purchase groceries and submit the receipt then I will get reimbursed in 25 dll increments.

After that I called and left a message to Angela Duhon, after a couple of days I called the company again because Angela never called me, at that time I talked to another manager and he intern lied to me AGAIN, he said that the company they had hired to run the GIFT CARD promotion closed and that they were not running that promotion anymore, but yet the GIFT CARD promotion was still running on TV, a night before I had seen it aired. Talking to the manager he said that according to him he was running a better promotion, 12 meals at Chuy’s and movie tickets and that I will send it out as soon I he could, I decided to take the offer, something is better than nothing I said, because this guy was not taking any responsibility for all the lies and deceiving TV ads one call glass were running and the employees.

While talking to the manager, Angela Duhon called me and left me a message, as soon I hang up with the manager (a few minutes after) I called her back to see what she had to say and if at least she will take responsibility for this really bad experience, after all she is listed as a member of the company on the website, of course she didn’t answer, and I left her a message which up to today she has not return. The phone conversation I had with the manager happened in the middle of December, up until now, I have not received anything from this company. I have called twice since then and every time a girl answers the phone then hangs up, exactly what was happening at the beginning of all this.

What really upsets me is that one call auto glass airs TV ads in Tucson, AZ but they’re not even from here, I would have rather given my service to a local auto glass company regardless of the promotion.

I will join a class action law suite against one call auto glass for all the deceiving lies and for waiting my time. I hope people take my experience and stay away from this company; I will also follow up with my insurance company and let them know what kind of shady business Anthony Baker, Matt Baker, Angela Duhon and all of the employees I spoke with running and ripping off people.


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