MoviStar Spaincustomer service and treatment

I signed up for MoviStar on April 11, 2017 in Madrid so that I would have a Spanish SIM complete with a number and time for calls and data. I was given a contract (in Spanish) and very little information about how things work with this service. We were on a 2 week Globus Tour of Spain. When we were in Costa Del Sol on April 19, 2017 and getting ready to on an excursion to Malaga, I turned off my phone so that I could charge it more quickly in preparation for taking pictures. When I turned it back on I got a message that my SIM was locked. I went to the MoviStar store when in Malaga and the representative said he could not help me and I would have to make a phone call for assistance. I couldn't do anything with my phone except make emergency calls so that option wasn't possible. Also there was no phone number given to call.
When we got back to our hotel in Torremolinos (without any pictures of Malaga) we traveled up to Av. Palma de Mallorca, 13, 29620 Torremolinos to the MoviStar store only to find it closed till 5:00 pm. We were there when it opened and were the first customers in. I tried to communicate with the 3 young representatives and were told ultimately that they couldn't help me because they couldn't speak English. When my husband asked them in his limited Spanish to please call someone who could help us in English we were brushed off with an arm movement that meant we should leave. I tried to show him what was scrolling on my phone and also show my contract but they wouldn't even look at it. When, in tears, I raised my voice and said in English, "You locked my phone; I have no phone now, You have to help me", it drew the attention of other customers that were waiting for their turn. When the young man saw this and realized that this attention wasn't good for business, he took my phone and my contract and proceeded to fix the problem for me. I had to make a scene, which I hate to do to get any help at all. I found out later on the plane returning to the states that when you shut down your phone and restart it, you have to input a key. Only I wasn't told that when I got the phone.
Don't use this company! I have never been treated so shabbily and we have traveled to many countries in Europe and also Australia and used their SIMS and never had this happen before.

May 13, 2017

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