Mirador del Lago / Mirador del lago

1 Via EspaƱa, Edificio Sucasa, Planta Baja, Panama
Contact information:
Phone: +507 302-5400

A little over two weeks ago we moved into a new home in the gated community of Mirador del Lago in Las Cumbres, Panama built by the developer Grupo Sucasa. The overall experience has been very disagreeable. Right off from the start the sales person that dealt with us initially complained every time we wanted to go look at the house. A whole three times to be exact. It felt like getting anything done was a struggle. When we asked to go inside to inspect she told us that "Normally we only allow people inside of the home after they have completely purchased the house because then we have to clean everything again." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We had already separated the house. It seems real estate agents here in Panama don't want to put the same effort into making a sale like they do in the USA.

I'd like to start out with the fact that hardly any windows are water tight. In fact on the first day we got the keys to move in during a heavy rainstorm water was leaking THROUGH the walls and blistering the paint below the master bedroom window. The window and all all of the horizontal surfaces were completely dry. I put video up on as proof:

When we complained about it, Su Casa offered this halfway Fix:

There are other initial design flaws around the property that you will see by watching the youtube channel.

Jun 23, 2015

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