Miracle Mate / the power head.

1 Richmond, BC, United States
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The power head had broken twice in the 10 years I owned it. The first time was within 6 months of owning it and was covered by warranty. It has now broke again, this time not only is it not under warranty (I mean its the same problem in that it broke where the head meets the wand) the part I need is no longer available. Oh, it'll only cost 450$ to replace the power head and I'll have to get a new wand as well(included in the price). I'm sorry, but you pay over a thousand dollars for a vacuum and the thing better last. Big deal if the motor and canisters lasts forever if you can't use them for nothing more than a very heavy shop vac? I wouldn't recommend this vacuum, very sorry, but I wouldn't. I can go to target and buy a vacuum for 70$, it lasts about 3 years, then just go buy another one, big deal it's still cheaper, and does the same thing. My moms Electrolux is over 35 years old, never had any of these problems. Also, when I bought it the salesmen gave us 500 $ of vouchers for products. Tried multiple times to redeem them, unable to redeem the vouchers for anything.

Jul 13, 2017

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