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K Nov 20, 2017

On march 25, 2017 I purchased a 2008 bmw 335i from online autos of boca/george toma.
When I spoke with george regarding this vehicle I asked him how many keys/fobs came with the car. His response was two. The ad stated finest on ebay-serviced & inspected which he verified. The car was shipped to me from florida and I received the car at ten pm on april 12, 2017 and there was only one key/fob in the car. I called george the next day and informed him about dd napkins and a piece of an eaten pretzel on the floor and that I only received one key/fob with the vehicle. I called again and asked him to send me the service records for this car and he said he will go in the files and send them to me. I have never received any records. The vehicle would not pass for a massachusetts state inspection sticker. I had to replace the two front tires and wiper blades. The right front tire and wiper blades were badly worn and had to be replaced before this vehicle would pass inspection. Iit doesn't day to much for his claim of being the finest on ebay serviced & inspected. When I told george about the tires and wiper blades he didn't offer any assistance or reimbursement and I was still waiting for my key/fobs. Again I asked him about the key/fob. He sent me two used key/fobs that were not correct for my car. The keys didn't fit and the key/fobs were the wrong ones for my vehicle. I went ahead and purchased a key from my local bmw dealer. Again I spoke to george on august 25 of this year and he said he would pay for a new key fob from bmw and mail it to me. I have never to this date received my key fob and george toma of online autos of boca had not returned any of my text or phone messages to date. I feel I have been patience long enough and seek ant help I can get. I did purchase this vehicle as is, however I strongly feel that online autos of boca/george toma has not lived up to his obligation. Any and all assistance you can offer me with this annoyance will be greatly appreciated.
Kenneth j sylvia
Kenneth j. Sylvia
320 north west street
Acushnet, ma 02743

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