Joe Stewart / stole $5000 from a marketing investment

1 Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States

Joe Stewart portrays himself as a great guy, which is what lured me into befriending him. After a year of networking I spoke to him about building something y together. He then told me about his wine and credit repair businesses. He showed me payment stubs that show he makes a constant $1000 per month. He mentioned that if I vested into his already established businesses that he would give me a percentage of revenue. It sounded good to me, he described everything in detail so it made sense. After sending him the money everything sounded on the up and up. I got three total checks from him and then everything stopped. He didn't send any more percentages and then stopped communicating with me. I called and called but he never returned my calls. When I managed to get him on the phone once after calling from a different phone, he made an excuse and then said he would call me back to sort everything out. That was over 3 months ago.

Joe Stewart

Oct 20, 2018

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