James Griffin / Deadbeat tenants

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James Griffin and Mary Griffin seemed like a really nice couple when I met them. I was fooled. These two have been by far the worse tenants I have ever had. The two of them entered into a standard lease with a third person. At the lease signing they stated they had no pets and therefore I did not charge a pet deposit. Two months into lease the lies and deceit began, numerous cats and dogs had appeared in and around the property. They were immediately described as strays even though I could see the cat and dog food bowl's out near the front porch. They left my home a disaster, animal feces everywhere. They left behind at least 7-8 truckloads of trash, some bagged, some loose litter, most of the bags are leaking foul smelling fluid onto the floor. They left trash all over the property. They never reported damages to me and instead tried to hide them. They put their cigarettes out on my garage floor and left butts all over the backyard and front yard. There are several holes in the walls, missing or broken switch covers, broken or missing closet doors. The house now has sugar ants and a severe fly problem and smells of cat urine and feces. Discovered several thousand dollars in damages. The brand new carpet I had installed before they moved in is stained, has burn holes, cat urine, and feces ground into the carpet. The new paint is scratched up and filthy. There is fecal matter in the coat closet coating the walls and sliding doors.They violated the rental agreement on SEVERAL occasions, including moving people in without my consent. They will always have an excuse for not paying rent and when you try to get them out of your property They know every trick and loophole to avoid leaving. They are a professional hustlers. I had to evict them due to nearly four months of unpaid rent. Upon inspecting the home, James Griffin and Mary Griffin played the court system well. They have not paid last four months of rent payments. When I filed the eviction process, the court needed 7 weeks to hear the case, 7 Free weeks of rent they did not pay. I heard some many excuses from James Griffin. Oh well, hard lesson learned. I hope potential landlords in Dayton. Ohio can see this post while they are looking for a new place to rent.

DO NOT RENT TO THESE PEOPLE! They have no idea how to take care of a rental house - nor do they care at all. I can provide full rental damage information, along with photographs of the property before they moved in and photographs after they moved out.


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