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Purchased a touchless kitchen faucet and received a defective faucet. When I ordered the faucet ($69) I comented about the high cost of shipping.($25.95). They gave me a 15% disc. Total $85.44. When I contacted itouchless I wanted a refund on the defect. product and told them I have no faith in thier products and would appreciate free shipping return. Especially since I paid 3x the normal shipping rate. They Refused stating that thier policy is exchange only or I pay for return. ($4.95 USPS). Of course

still no. They claimed buyers remorse. No defective and no faith in the product my reply. I paid the $4.95 USPS. Now I'm out $34.90 about 1/2 the price of the faucet. No consideration for the consumer. Stay away.

By the way. Found the product on Amazon $59.00 & Free Ship and the same warrenty. I still will not buy. They will not get any of my money even through a middle man.


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