Individual Shopper / progresso soup

1 Clarksville, Tennessee Lowe Rd., United States

On average, my wife and I would spend approximately $500.00 a month in your store. I was going to your store to buy frozen yogurt. |MY wife said that Progressive Soup was on sale for a dollar a can when 10 cans are purchased. Because of the extreme heat, I did not want to let frozen yogurt in the car while I returned into the store to tell the cashier that I was charged the regular price. Today I returned with my receipt and told the customer service person my problem. She asked if I brought the cans of soup back so she could check them. I told her: "The flyer said 10 for 10; the self said 10 for10. " She went and got her manager and then the two continued to tell me that only certain flavors were on sale. I told them I didn't need to be listening to two people at once and would not be shopping at the store any more. So, for less than 10 dollars, you lost a customer who spent in excess of $500.00 monthly. If only certain flavors were on sale why no list those flavors clearly?

Jun 18, 2017

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