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Hi. I would like to report some not so normal issue of a house being exclusively private sale by this reality . I have tried to reach all realtors in the 11714 area. Nothing is to be found on this house, but sold to management group for 100, 000 dollars in dec of 2014. Now since i have seen this one real estate group showing this house to one ethnicity for its entire time for 2 months i find wrong and un just.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hicksville, NYI have tried on several occasions find out asking price was told by person, private sale. Then i texted reality guy. Got a responce couple hours later349, 000 and is exclusive private sale only. I was very surprised. I have has 2 family members want interest in it and couple of families on the block interested in this home. If any one needs prooof of text message i do have it. House is 57 lincoln blvd 11714. No one here has been given a fair chance to see home. We have asked to get a view, answer was no. Thanks for your time

May 08, 2017

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