[Resolved] Hotel Hermosa/ Pacifica Hotelsfalse charges

I stayed at the Hotel Hermosa one night, 6 Dec. 2014. Upon reviewing my credit card statement, I noticed two charges from them, one was my room fee and the other a 250.00 fee, for which I did not know. I called and asked what the 250.00 charge was for, I was told it was because of "smoke damage" from me smoking in that room. I am a non-smoker and I relayed this info to the gal I spoke with. She said her manager Adam (Kaplan) would be in the next day for me to call back then. I did, and I explained to him it was impossible that the "smoke damage" came from me as I am a non-smoker. I then asked for his supervisor, I was told she (Denise Waggoner) was not in, to call back the next day, I did. She was in a meeting and I was told she would call me back, she never did. I called back and spoke to Adam Kaplan again. I asked for his General Manager's supervisor's number, Adam told me he did not have that info. I have never been contacted by Denise Waggoner, I did email her and carbon copied a copy for Adam Kaplan as well. I also left a brief explanation with Pacifica Hotels and have not heard from them either. I have been falsely accused of smoking in a room I stayed in and have been charged 250.00 for something I did not do. Denise Waggoner has not bothered to call or email me back as of yet. I find her level of professionalism lacking.

Jan 08, 2015

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