Grosborogh Financial Inc / credit repair service

1 Miami FL, United States

Feb 2017 I entered into a contract with Grosborogh Finances for the amount of $700

for credit repair service. (305. 506. 5113)

Michelle, ceo, never offered me a receipt, neglected to continue making credit report repairs, stopped communicating with me when I confronted her about the lack of communication & completion of my paid for service.

At one point, I requested a refund of $350 because of her negligence in completing the credit repair service & refusal to communicate any more. She denied me the request for a refund of $350.

The consumer needs to know Grosborogh Finances is not legit, will take your money & with no intention of doing what a consumer has paid for.

I would like a refund of $350.

Since then I have proceeded to make changes to my credit report on my own.
Loretta Muir

Feb 4, 2019

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