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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 338 - Ordered a swimsuit and can’t find out the status of delivery

Invoice ID ww2106272132064604. Ordered on 6/27/21. Transaction ID 9xw90270km4575453. Want to know when my order will be delivered. Terrible customer service. Can't reach anyone. Ordered a swimsuit. This website is terrible. I want to hear from someone immediately or will call BBB this is ridiculous. Need to hear from someone now. I. Can't believe no one can help me with this issue. . - I ordered 3 sweaters and never received them

I have not heard from these people at all. My order # is W2011061234159 I will be watching my Visa Bill to see if they charged me and will, for many months to come. Where are the sweaters that I ordered? Rotita has not sent my any emails about delaying my order. I will never order from them again and will tell my many friends not to, either. This is terrible and just before I was planning on mailing them to friends for Christmas gifts.

C - Merchandise too small in size

Requesting a partial refund! I ordered several things from Need to return some items because they are too small. I can't seem to get anyone from paypal resolution center to send me a return address label, to get a partial refund. I can't seem to get anyone to give me a phone number for Rotita either, so I can call them to get them to send me a return address label.
Transaction date: January 5, 2020
Seller's name:
Seller's transaction ID: 1NC8964532447533U
Invoice ID: W2001060443045720
Receipt # [protected]
Transaction amouont: $126.04
My transaction ID: 096155454E833433C
Paypal case # PP-D-[protected]
My name and email: Cindy Peters [protected]
My home phone # [protected]

Feb 17, 2020 - return policy

Your return policy really stinks. I am not inclined do any further business with you. Your customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I don't know what I have to do to get a return authorization approval. Buy from this company at your own risk. You cannot communicate with anyone who speaks English. The online chat function is a joke. The girl cannot write or speak English. Buy at you own peril. Lastly it takes them forever to ship the merchandise. Losy company to do business with.

K - o stars for rotita

This company should not even be in business. Put in an order for 16 items. I received a email saying it may be shipped in separate orders. okay. Got the first 7 days later 2 items. next one 4 items. No email stating why the rest had not shown up. I put in a ticket for cust serv to contact me. They said within 1 business day I would get a response. 5 days later I contacted chat service. She said the rest of my order would come 15 days later! I said unacceptable! She then said 10 days later, I said unacceptable. She said my order would be delivered in 2 days. Never happened. 5 days later, I get another email that your order will be divided into separate orders. The clothes that I have received are of horrendous quality. Since you cannot get a magnified look at the items, you really cannot tell what material they are made of. I will probably need to return all of them. Save yourself some trouble and grief and stay away from this online store!

Nov 20, 2019 - ticket # t0596134704, product - pink cardigan, high & low belted dress, size:xl color:pink sku: [protected]-3

I returned the item last Oct. 28th, 2019 because the fabric or materials I dont like it, its looks cheap im not happy to wear it. When I returned its in good condition, I never used it. I dont take a photo because I was rushing and so busy that day. And now the supplier says they can only refund 50% coz theres a stain, how come has a stain when I never use it, its Big lies! Im really feel bad, never happened this to me in other store when I returned an item they will give you refund asap is not a big deal. I asks 100% refund to credit in my rotita account so I could use it & buy another item instead. Until now im still dealing on it, its only $33.99 and takes them so long, why they can`t afford to give me a full refund for that amount?. I wont accept a 50% coz that not fair for me, Im not a fool they lied & telling me has a stain on it.

Please help me to sort this out,
Im hoping for your immediate action, regarding on this matter.
Thank you.

J - refund

Hi there i ordered a dress on the 23rd September - it arrived on the 16th October - it was not suitable so I returned it. I am still waiting for a refund to my bank account. I did not ask for a...

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S - two white jumpsuits

I have sent in several tickets to attempt to return my two items. The items arrived too late for my event, and of poor quality. I do plan on submitting a credit card fraud request because I did not receive what I ordered very poor quality. I also plan to complain with BBB because this company refuses to return my money. Your website is of poor quality and difficult to use as well . Please send me a label promptly so that I can return the items sent to me for a full refund.

Oct 01, 2019 - t sheets

I ordered two t shirts in xxl. When I tried them on, they were way to small.. I spoke to cust. Serv. And was told to look on my order and find a ticket. Well I couldn't find one.. She said no on your return package... I told her it wasn't my fault that the us company didn't the chinese people how america sizes go.. She said she would send me a postage free return label.. Than forgot about.. The instrutions to return items is so confusing and I couldn't get help for it.. Just the run around... I think they are a scam.. I've lost my money because I couldn't get the info I need to return.. I just got the run around on everything... I will never do business with rotit
A again!

Sep 26, 2019 - did not receive order

I placed an order on August 18, for one
asymmetric Hem Three Quarter Sleeve Flower Print t-Shirt, Size M, Color Black, price $27.11, total order amount is $29.31 USD.
Order Nbr: W19008190555227069

I never received an email containing a package tracking number, but the receipt said
the latest delivery date would be Sept. 19. Receipt also said my payment was
"confirmed successfully".

As of this writing I still have not received my package. Please look into my order to see where it is. Thank you,
Tina Stovcsik 9/26/2019

Aug 24, 2019 - refund return items scam

I ordered two tops from Rotita. When they arrived, I opened each package and determined because of color, fabric or style, I did not want them. Each item was NOT tried on, and repackaged carefully.

Rotita is claiming that one of the returned items is stained and, therefore, a full refund is not available. Folks, this claim is impossible. The tops were not tried on and were not handled irresponsibly.

The company, in my opinion, is running a scam in order to not refund returned items.

Update by bigskygal
Aug 24, 2019

Don't order from these scammers!

Update by bigskygal
Aug 24, 2019

I should have checked the Internet first. I would not have ordered from this company.

M - refund

purchased a bathing suit on on June 4 2019 recieved on July 6 2019 I didnt like sent back July 9 2019 the R#[protected] In#WWW1906042327105089 for the amount of$33.39 was sent to 8555 Tonnelle Ave, unit 301 North Bergen, N.J. 07047 the tracking # is 9400110200830289514423 package #0135322 it shows recieved but i have not recieved a credit my e-mail is marie.[protected] please contact me to when this credit will be taken care of Thank you

K - refund process

I ordered 3 dresses & had to return them due to size issues. I returned the very next day I received them. I was told by the post office, that they will receive the parcel in 10 days. I was chasing them to see if they have received the parcel for nearly 6 weeks & After that they sent me message stating they can't refund me full & can't send the another size as the item was stained. I don't believe this, as I sent the items the very next day & Rotita has not been open and honest and didn't even bother informing me that they have received the parcel until I asked them!

To my surprise another message came through stating only £29 something amount was refunded and that too was on the rotita account & not in my bank account. Why refund on your store account? Are you that confident that even after your unprofessional approach, I would buy stuff again? The total amount I spent was £91.96 and I need full refund in my account the one I paid with and not on Rotita store account.!

However, on checking my Rotita account, there is no balance in my Rotita account. It seems they are there to extort the money from people.

I would like to know how to take this matter further as ultimately it is my hard earned money and I deserve the full refund.

Beware & don't order anything from this company. Horrible experience and ZERO customer service.

Jul 18, 2019 - unethical behavior. very unprofessional company.

I purchased 6 bathing suits from this company on June 19, 2019 for a total charged to my credit card of $153.13. The first pkg with one suit came from Shanghai, China. The remainder of my...

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Jul 02, 2019 - an entire order that I received and sent back.

I ordered from Rotita in April - over $135 worth of clothing. When it arrived, several items were missing and they stated that instead of giving me a refund, I would receive store credit. None of the items I received fit correctly. It was as if they were made for an extremely tall and thin woman, as they were very long. (I find this ironic, considering they are made in China.) I packaged up all the items sent, along with a letter stating that I wanted a FULL REFUND for ALL items, as store credit was of no use for me. That letter was sent May 9th. I have yet to hear back from them or get a refund. Today I found a "chat" on their website. I explained my problem and issue, and once I did, got no more response from the person I was speaking with. This place is a fraud, and definitely taking advantage. I fear I will never see any of this money again. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

J - I made a selection of 3 items. I could not find a checkout area. I tried a 'live chat.' total failure!!!

3 items were selected. There was no direction on my screen for a checkout. I decided on a 'live chat.' Anu never responded. There was no place to click enter to ask my question. I have moved and wanted to check out and give my new address. I wasted more than 30 mins. in the attempt. A shame! I even created a new password. That was the only satisfying place where I received a response. Ridiculous! [protected]

Update by June Salzman
Jul 01, 2019

No update. No help at all! Terrible way to attempt to do business. You keep flashing you merchandise on my computer screen all day long but make ordering impossible!

Just thank the lord you could not place your order. This place is a ripoff. I ordered $85.00 worth of items and as soon as I hit the order button I went and read the reviews. I immediately email them and said I wanted to cancel my order. 5 days later they emailed me back and wanted to know why. I told them that I had changed my mind. They emailed me back about a week later and told me they couldn't cancel because my order had been shipped. I got 4 out of the 5 shirts I ordered, all the shirts were too little and one of them had a hole in the seam. Finally got the last shirt about 2 weeks later and it is too small. Also none of the shirts look anything like they do in the picture. Everything was shipped from the US, but to return it you have to ship to China. To ship my items to China was going to cost around $70.00. I emailed them and told them I was turning them over to the Attorney General Office, they said to give the items to someone and that they would refund me 20% of my total. I got a refund for $17 and some cents.

Be glad you could not place your order. Of the 3 items my wife ordered only one fit. Impossible to arrange for a return as none of the links. After a month she dropped the other 2 off at Goodwill. Tried to get my bank & their credit card people involved. Rotita responded to them but required that goods be returned & bank's procedures required proof of return, i.e. shipping receipt, etc. Needless to say will not order anything from China again & I starting to shop around for a new bank.

S - plus size cold shoulder colour block striped jumpsuit ($32.74-2xl) and one shoulder ruffle srim black jumpsuit ($31.72-2xl)

I ordered and paid for 2 dresses described above in the name of sally melson with email address of [protected] for the sum $64.45 on 23rd of june 2019. No information has been received...

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Jun 18, 2019 - return - 100% satisfactory money back

I bought three shirts in April for Mothers Day. Unfortunately they did not fit so I returned them. I got an RMA like the website says. I returned them via UPS so I had a tracking number and a time/date of delivery. It has now been 34 days since the package was delivered, 37 days since I went on line for the RMA and over 40 days since AI first contacted them about this return. They were all happy when I was spending the money but now it is crickets, silence, can't get hold of anyone. They have the product, AND my money. I want my money back! The online chat service is useless. I have been on line waiting for someone for over 25 minutes. Here are the important numbers needed (my RMA, my Order number and my initial ticket number)

1. Why is it taking so long 2. What do I need to do to get this taken care of 3. with whom do I need to speak? RMA:[protected] Order #: W1904172147133337 Ticket #: T7804321662

Update by Cfranklaf
Jun 18, 2019

There money back statement is BULL S--T!

How long did it take to get it I ordered a dress and pull extra money to get it faster and I still have not received it in the wedding is next week

The very WORST online company Fortunately I did not order anything because I read the reviews . Thanks to all for their honest comments. Hopefully they will have their problems solved. Evidently they think people from America are dumb! - order # ww1904121022562998 4/12/2019 10:22-56am california

On the above date I order six blouses in the amount of $212.35. I canceled my order as soon as I was shown that I would not receive my order in time to take the blouses on my trip to Nashville, which was April 26th, 2019.

According to my Order Number you did cancel my order, but the shipping Info says - "Your order is unpaid", which is not true. You still received the payment in the amount of $212.35. The service was done through Paypal. I have a copy of my account showing you took the money on 4/15/19.

Of course, I have not received my order and I would like to have a refund issued as soon as possible.

If you respond to me immeditately, I may consider placing the order that has been already paid for, however I do not want to wait another month in order to receive the blouses. I hope you understand.

I would appreciate a response as soon as possible to let me know if I am going to receive a refund or the blouses that have already been paid. Thank you.

Connie Marie Cesena
[protected] - i'm trying to exchange 2 blouses.

I rec'd 3 items that I purchased and rec'd them today, May 23, 2019. I'm trying to exchange 2 blouses that I ordered in XL. I need XXL. Didn't realize that they came smaller. My complaint is that I...

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