Galtech Cantilever Umbrellas / Dysfunctional umbrella

1 United States

We bought an 11ft cantilever umbrella in May, 2008. We paid $1, 300 for this piece of junk!! It broke down on us after a few months and we had to pay to replace what was broken. It broke down, again, and Galtech refused to allow us to buy the part we needed, once again, to fix it. We have tried to get compensation for this to no avail. Galtech refuses to work anything out with Sonoma Backyards (a reputable furniture dealer), therefore, we are STUCK with this piece of junk. We spent good money for a product we expected to last a good while and have ended up with a PIECE OF JUNK on our deck. We have a beautiful home and are stuck with this eyesore!! My husband had "rigged it so that it is usable but it still keeps breaking. I hope you can help us solve this problem.


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