Flipkey/ TripAdvisorcancelling booking without owners permission

I am a home owner. About a week ago, I called TripAdvisor and requested for a cancellation of the booking from 8/30-9/3/18 with an email confirmation. Today on 8/2/18, I received an voice massage from Flipkey asking for an urgent response. Upon calling back to Flipkey, I was told they had sent me two emails in the past two days. The email was indicating " Upon checking, we found you have another confirmed booking for the guest who booked for 8/5-8/8, we are waiting for your confirmation for this booking, if we wouldn't heard back from you within 12 hrs, this booking will be cancelled with $150.00 cancellation fee". What I don't understand is why I have to confirm the booking that has already been confirmed? I did not get a chance to reply the email on the timeframe they set, the booking was cancelled with a cancellation fee. This is not fair to both home owner and guests. Since this is just 2 more days away from check in, the guest may have left home already. When called TripAdvidor for the resolution, it did not go anywhere except that I did not reply on time to their email.

Aug 02, 2018

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