[Resolved] Family Psychiatry (Issaquah)Dr. Marok (and Reception and their Attorneys)

The incompetence of this place astounds me, I rarely post reviews but I had to say something about the stupidity here. First the front desk receptionist (the gal with the British accent), tells me I'm in network and covered, so I schedule and appointment and go. I get there and there is a form to put my card info on, my dad usually helps out and reimburses/takes care of my medical stuff; and as I'm poor as heck I feel pretty uncomfortable putting my card info on the form. I don't fill it out and when I'm in the room with the doctor he says "No big deal, don't worry we can put your father's account on there" I say "Ok fine, just make sure I don't get charged".

Fast forward to today, they called my dad and said I wasn't in network, utterly huge screwup on the receptions part and she had the gall to say "It was our responsibility to check insurance" uhhhh no that's YOUR ENTIRE RESPONSIBILITY. So of course my dad says he doesn't want to drop 350$ we're not made of bloody money, so the incompetent staff goes and charges my account! Then when I called to argue the ridiculous people start saying that "the doctor told me I was out of network" (bullcrap I pay attention to that kind of thing). I tried not to be mean but it was hard since the girl I spoke too WAS THE SAME PERSON THAT MADE THE MISTAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Obviously I'm burning hot mad right now, they said they'll have someone from billing call me; we'll certainly see if they make this right or not!

(Also I didn't yell at the receptionist, I WAS kind of mean, but of course apologized for it because it WAS just a mistake and I understand that; however the incompetence is still astounding to me and I'm out 350$ now because of her mistake! I obviously try not to be mean to people just doing their jobs but this was a screwup on their part.)

Edit: Now I'm glad I yelled at that stupid receptionist lmao, they're threatening to sue me because of THEIR INCOMPETENCE!?! I don't care what forms I signed as far as privacy for their clinic, this should have been handled and I'm out 350$ and I'm PISSED. They actually have the gall to threaten ME? "Public reviews are not allowed by clinic policy"? Get the heck out of here, let the clinic contact me about defamation, anybody know some good Constitutional and Civil Rights attorneys and groups I can contact? I'm absolutely willing to fight this, FREE SPEECH FTW!!!

Oh and btw Defamation must be proved false, as this is not a false statement and a completely true account of what happened you have absolutely no case :), regardless of the documents signed.

  • Resolution statement

    This complaint has been resolved and the money has been refunded, I would take this down but I unfortunately do not know how!

Apr 12, 2016

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