Ecopayz Ecocard Fraud Scam / ecopayz ecocard fraud scam

1 New York, NY, United States

Dima Golonov ecopayz jonathan amrani instant secure simple max

max vishnevsky ecopayz ecocard instant secure simple payment solutions payment experts gaming max jonathan dima payment card. ecopayz is a terrible company. stay away. they made promises to us, so we implemented their system. they broke all the promises. next, thing we know, locked out of the account. no processing, no money transfers, nothing. sent them over 15 emails in 30 days - no reply. called them; no reply - finally a couple generic form letter replies. ecopayz is a completely fraud, scam company that forces other honest companies to devote man-hours and programming hours and spend tens of thousands of dollars and ecopayz does nothing in return. ecopay will scam you. ecopayz will lock you out of your account. ecopays will not provide you with service. ecopays will hurt your business reputation. ecopayz staff is non-attentive; ecopayz will ignore you. ecopayz will shut you down. ecopayz will not communicate with you; no processing. no support. no cards!

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Feb 2, 2015

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