Dial America / Dun notice when not past due

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For years we've renewed or purchased magazine subscriptions through Dial America in support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I will no longer do so because I received basically a "dun notice" from Dial America dated 9 days BEFORE the due date on my statement. This wasn't a "polite reminder" nor did it give me an option to pay the installment amount but a "you need to resolve your account today by paying the full amount". Since they received payment for the installment before the due date (in fact the check cleared my bank a day before the due date) of July 13, receiving such a notice dated July 4, and received by July 9th is uncalled for. I'm not sure where their accounts receivable people went to school but when I worked in accounting you didn't send a past due notice until the account was ACTUALLY past due.

MADD is an organization worth supporting, I just won't be supporting them through Dial America any longer.


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