Davies Ford, Charleroi, PennsylvaniaSpeed Control Deactivation Switch

In October, 2009, I received a recall notice from Ford Motor Company alerting me to a potentially dangerous condition existing in the SCDS installed on my Ford Van. Pursuant to the recall notice, on October 9, 2009, I took my vehicle to Davies Ford in Charleroi, Pennsylvania for repair to the SCDS. Five days later on October 14, 2009, and while my Van was parked, the engine off, the ignition key removed, and the vehicle locked; a fire ignited in the exact same location where Davies Ford had just performed their alleged repair to the SCDS. At the time of the fire, my Van was worth about $8, 000 dollars.

Accompanied by a friend, I went to this dealer's place of business and spoke with the owner, Mr. Hal Davies. Mr. Davies assured me he would "make it right with me." As of May 10, 2017, Mr. Davies still has not made it right with me, nor do I believe he ever had any honest intention to make it right with me. I sued Davies Ford, and the case still languishes in the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, Pennsylvania.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Charleroi, PAPrior to my filing a lawsuit against Davies Ford, I wrote several letters to the Ford Motor Company [including its CEO], but was simply fluffed off each time. FMC told me Davies Ford was an "independent franchisee" and as such, FMC had no control over Davies Ford???? If you believe that BS, I have a bridge for sale in Detroit.
In any event, Davies Ford retained an attorney [most likely an insurance company lawyer], and since 2012, have probably spent $25, 000-$30, 000 dollars in legal fees trying to beat me out of $8, 000 dollars. Smelly lawyers and insurance companies are good at fighting customer's lawsuits, because every dollar eventually won by a plaintiff, the insurance companies deduct from their tax returns. And this scheme will not end until such time as the federal government puts a stop to the scheme. Frankly, and in the end, it is the policy holders of these insurance companies who will eventually pay higher premiums.
For those who are reading this sad story, I urge each of you to spread the word about Ford Motor Company and its so-called "independent franchisees", as well as the crummy and defective vehicles Ford Motor Company is foisting upon unsuspecting consumers.
As the old saying goes "Forewarned is Forearmed."

May 10, 2017

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