Custom K-9 Service Las Vegas / Bad business

Ok I found custom k-9 services on Facebook where they look like rock stars with no bad review's. That should of been my first warning sign. So I get two dog's from them and im not happy. one of my dog's has had a cone on for almost two year's. He has had 8 hematoma's every time he get's one he has to wear a cone for 8 to 12 week's. He is only two and half year's old. I paid a lot of money for these dog's and all i got was a big headache. I'm out 4500 just on this dog's ear's. I also found out that they use to glue his ear's up when he was a puppy so they could sell him. Do your home work on them before you give them a dollar. They were on fox 5 new's as well so that should tell you some thing. not 5 star's by a long shot.  Happy people don't put you on the new's. They also had no license to even sell me my protection dog's when i got them

Custom K9 Services has no dog handlers license, they have no Clark County Business License, and they had their BREEDERS PERMIT REVOKED.

Custom K-9 Service Las Vegas
Custom K-9 Service Las Vegas

Mar 21, 2017

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