SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Football PicksPicks are from Fake Experts & Fake Handicappers

Don't waste your hard earned money buying sports picks, or football selections from or! My issue with the site is that their so-called "professional bettors, or "betting experts" are FAKE! While a few of the guys offering picks and information are real, the vast majority of them are FAKE! In some cases, they are NOT even REAL people, in other cases, they list it as a handicapping company, like Winafy Tennis, MMA Oddsbreaker, or Soccer Authority, and there's no reason for anyone to ever pay for their insights, picks or betting info...These companies have NO HISTORY, they were invented by Covers and They have never worked in the casino/gaming industry, they have never had a radio or TV show, they have never been in a handicapping contest, and most importantly, they have never made money betting sports! It's just a bunch of guys sitting around a room writing sports articles with Internet research and then want to charge YOU for their picks!!!

Jan 01, 2015

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