Complete Roofing Solution / New roof - leakage caused damage and mold

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I signed up an agreement with roofing company called "Complete Roofing Solution, called CRS" for replacement of roof in 2014. Quality was so bad that it leaked very next day however it was fixed by them. Again roof leaked and it caused damage. In my agreement it was mentioned that they are not responsible for the mold however mold caused by roof leakage. I tried to contact him and he denied. Several technical and construction people mentioned to me that because of flashing issue it caused leakage however CRS declined. To prove him I hired a professional third party roof inspector and finding was the culprit of flashing. I have spent several thousands $$$$ and CRS decling to take responsibility and telling me that I am Fraud.
Please advise and do the needful.
Property Address
5217 Celery lane Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Mar 19, 2017

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