[Resolved] Civilianthreatening by rowdies

There is a civilian Lady who lives in Thangaraj Nagar main road, who keeps saying her Dad is a contract killer. issue is she is threatening in general that she will be murdering him, but she doesn't mention the name who she is going to murder.

Respected Sir/Madam, I know my complaint is abrupt. But my aim is dangerous in this world(my aim is dangerous because, evil people might kill me if they know my intent), My aim is to eradicate Rowdies and contract killers in this world, especially in Peerkankaranai, Chennai.

This Lady lives in Thangaraj Nagar Main road and she keeps talking loud to the Shop owner who's shop is exactly opposite to her house.

This Lady shouts saying that her father will make sure he will Kill tomorrow. But she doesn't mention the name.

So the problem is I am a family guy and my house is closer to hers and It sounds as if she is threatening me.

MY HUMBLE request is to catch her father who she says is a contract killer(IN public). So I believe you will get a Culprit, a killer who takes LAW in his own hands.

I don't want to complaint to the local police station because, they are not believable. one incident the local police did is that They once hit and chase a family man in the road and later hit his father and the reason being he didn't stop the call he got from a police because, the police was shouting from behind in a bad word. This civilian was traveling in a bike and was stopped by the police for no reason. The police didn't even stop this civilian in common checking post. This incident happened near this guys house, at last this guy showed his house but no use the rude police hit that guy and his dad. This police was just like that traveling in a bike from behind and shouting at this guy.
now the end result is, the angry innocent civilian is mentally disturbed and jobless with his family.

Coming back to my request to stop Rowdies interfierance into civilian peaceful life. . .dominating Tambaram, Peerkankaranai. chennai

I am not asking you genuine board to eradicate Rowdies, contract killers in a day. You guys spend a lot in security, I know you guys have secret detective agency as well. why don't you simply check with this lady and his contract killer dad and two brother rowdies and give them some other job instead of threatening and killing civilian or whoever they kill. It should be decided by law.
You people know basic discipline should sustain for this world to run...

I believe I am not giving a nonsense new or any disturbance to you guys by trying to disguise myself. I am scared and have been trying to live a peaceful life for the past many many years. Please save me Judge Sir/Madam or Almighty GOD !!!

  • Resolution Statement

    Resolved, This is a misunderstanding. I apologize and please hide this complaint. I hope this board has already established basic discipline practice in India, chennai and Tambaram. Thank you.

May 12, 2017

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