Christi's Persian CutiesSold a sick kitten,knowingly

Purchased a kitten from this breeder in december 2014. Precious red persian male. Was super excited! All went well the first night, woke up to bloody, mucous poop the next morning. I took him to the vet the following week. He was dx with coccidia. I informed the breeder. She wouldnt return my call, text nor facebook message. She also went on her facebook page and posted a contract, which she never presented me with one when we met at the local walmart.
The kitten was place on flagyl and a vitamin supplement. Brought him back a week later same issues. Well new diagnosis is Tritrichomonas. That will never be cured. I have other pets in my home, this disease can be passed to other animals and the risk to humans is there also. Before this diagnosis i got ahold of her on the phone and she said she will work it out with me. Few days later I receive a text stating shes sending me a certified check and needed my address. Needless to say no check, no phone call nothing! BUYERS BEWARE! Guess i will see her in court afterall!

Jan 11, 2015

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