Cash Generator Shawlandsps4 + 2 expensive games

I had put in my ps4 too buy back, went past date however rang and was given more time of which charged me for... When went in top buy back the New male manager tried pull wool overt eyes by trying flog me a different ps4 not my one and when I questioned him on this he then said this one is better and newer etc etc... This was after I'd already passed him the cash. He not only charged me extra on top of late fee plus another month but then attempted take the piss if I hadn't clocked on too there being an issue and told him put on check working I'd have walked out of shop already overcharged by him and with a doggedly ps4 not mines. Lucky firstly I clocked on to this or what would have happned if I'd left the shop with it. I then had haggle with him gety money back but now as result not got my ps4 that I was informed twice was still in shop and o would just be charged extra for.

I now need take matter up with store franchise owner. I want the excess money back I'm owed from actual cost of my ps4 plus two games and controller and the differance that I was given my money back due too take my ps4.

Also thistle manager has tried rip me off and also a tv I had in iv got back with no back oft remote control so I would also like reimbursed for this damage this Shawlands store under new manager fly man has caused me as result. The woman manager million times better this new guy a piss take and will lose slot loyal customers as result of his attitude.

Sep 12, 2017

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