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Wow, who talks like that to" their students"!
Axia is a pain in the ###, I attended Axia phoenix online in 2009. I had my final block, or final 9weeks left, I was doing okay, one class I ran into an issue and averaged a D. I was told I need to increase my gpa or suffer the consequences by being thrown out. D is not failing and I had time to get my grades up, but I was booted. Lost in confusion and perhaps my depression was controlled by my academic supervisor. I was told to wait and 're enroll. I did. My fafsa did not pan out and I was rejected! How? It was the same as the last year and somehow I was not able to fix the problem on the fafsa. My account was not able to be edited so I never really found out what went wrong. I heard that my wadges and tips were the same. 8 grand for income and 8 grand for TIPS! Lol I don't even get tips working construction! So maybe I did it wrong, but how come I never could edit the situation. Jamie McBride (financial advisor) soon after "left her position", yet somehow managed to put me in a group meeting over the phone to try to get me to work harder. The two of them swindled me over into pretty much letting it go. And urged me to try 're enrolling... even though Jamie supposedly didn't have ### to do with it anymore.
There was the set up! Little did I know, by waiting for that certain span of time, actually set Me up . There is a time to enroll, if u miss the deadline then you can't enroll... until your student loans are paid off!
I now have 8300$of debt that you fat ### use for your cruises and strippers, while I just wanted to succeed. The mind games are endless, along with the poor online movies and clip art I could learn more on Google. I went for business management because I have the know how and strength, but it compares little when you have" gods" running the USA debt limit to the sky. 50% of collage debt in the USA is directly related to axia. Countless lives stolen, I'm sure suicides, and happy rich ###s laughing at our every post. There is a pedestal in hell for people like you, billions of dollars settled out on this massive claim, 11million just on attorneys fees.

Oh! Here, don't you find it interesting that it is illegal to demand money back, let along to uphold the borrower as liable. It states you must pay back loans if you fail or pull out of school(not a D I could still improve), therefore being rejected due to the schools" required grade adverage" or put on academic suspension is not in the clause, as a due reason for any pay back. It's been 5years of tax theft from these" geniuses", after all I thought you were" successful and college material" too bad mommy didn't teach you to clean up your mess after u create . White collar or no collar, soon I won't have a shirt to wear a collar. I've never go at Bill in 4.5years, yet somehow they are off the grid, and can still take my money. Why should I pay a collection office when apparently there is no proof on either side? U can take my life, but not my money, there is no civil reason to uphold my end of the "bargain" when my teacher didn't reply to me for over a week, sometimes two! The advisers ran around knowing nothing, stating" just wait" . I can't wait to shake your ###ing hand, and picture me normal? I can't pay for my medication for a staph infection which is deadly if ignored, now it's my life! And my girlfriend and her my Income. I'm caring enough to not leave them and take all this burden you ###s created, increasing every bit of debt I have, multiplied through this problem, because I can't pay for anything now.
Since this, my rent due is 13k, ### school of Phoenix!- 8300$, medical 2300, and it keeps going.
Because my credit is ruined! Because now I can't move. Get a loan, mortgage, I can't open certain accounts at my bank. I have sores on my face cm the staph infection, making me look like a meth head! All with the dominano effect of these stupid "helpers" that it's their job to accompany you on a journey to better yourself, not feed you false hopes and information to screw you over.

I called Phoenix several times a week, for a good few.months, and all they are, are fake, to increase your interest and to hook you and feed you to the sharks!

May 30, 2015

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