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APX International Domestic Courier Cargo Service. / Theft

1 Pakistan

Apx international domestic courier cargo service.

Dear all,

Kindly allow me to share my ugly experience with a courier company based in lahore (Pakistan) .

Staff of this company is involved in theft which is a crime against humanity. More than two weeks ago my brother handed over items to be shipped to australia. He was entertained by apx international domestic courier cargo service agent khurram shehzad who promised a certain date for delivery but it nevever happened. My brother in the presence of an old man gave him the items to be shipped in a bag. Agent told my brother that he needs to take the items to his office, have them screened than will pack and despatch but demanded freight be ;paid on spot. Agent promised he will return nerxt day with the receipt and the remaining balance. This liar never did that. I contacted him and he started to tell me lies and fake promises. I became very concerned and contacted hisc manager mr arslan rehman who i found was extremely rude and aggressive and his communication skills were to the lowest level. After this i contacted the agent an d told him about his boss behaviouir. Agent replied and i quote.

My bosses are thieves not sure how they are running the show. I asked him what you mean by thieves. I asked him what you mean by thieves he replied they pay me only pak rs 10000. 00 and i work almost 24 hours a day, he further said every time i take an order i have to take the unpacked items to my manager arslan rehman and he will keep the item he likes. I tyold him it is very wrong he replied they do not care. He further told me that once business / money taken than they do not care about their customers. Now parcel did not reach did not have a air way bill number was told they are thieves. I became very concerned and rang their head office in islamabad faizan who initially was very nice took the ceo zakir khan number. I rang the ceo who promised to look in to it and get back to me but he never did, i called next day and the ceo started to hang up on me. I returned to faizan he started the same. Their behaviour was outrageous and pathetic.

Least but not last.

Finally i received the parcel today and lernt my wife clothes and dolls were missing apparently stolen by the management as told by their agent.
The behaviour of the management is ugly and customers service is stinks. I encourage and urge all those who has used apx cargo and has their item been stolen to name and shame them on the net. I am also asking all to contact geo news and the khabrain as i am going to do it

I request the courier company to return my stolen items

Jun 1, 2015

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