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Deborah Greenspan went out of business under Llumina Press because "she was opening another publishing company called Breezeway Books." She has had several other publishing business under other names that have gone out of business. She wanted $250 for the electronic PDF files and for authors to buy another ISBN number. That would net her hundred of thousands of dollars if every author took her up on it.

Apparently, she never relinquished Llumina Press. The site is still up, though revamped to look like those cookie-cutter scam websites that has no names of persons accountable on the website. Before going out of business, she racked up numerous complaints for shoddy work and not paying royalties. Both are complaints against most sham publishers. Both of her companies are in Florida: Llumina still in Fort Lauderdale and Breezeway Books at her home in Ocala.

To ever get paid when I knew there were sales, I had to threaten her with legal tactics. I got tired of it until I just gave up, taking the lesson that I'd been scammed. She had a legitimate business at one point then mismanagement or corruption took over. Employees were leaving. And pictures of employees had the same eyes and faces with different hairdos. I may have been wrong, but it looked suspicious.

Greenspan gets very mean when authors confront her about her non-payments. Both are publishers are POD/Vanity presses to avoid.

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