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A Oct 12, 2019

Changing your D.B.A. (doing business as name) / Fictitious name from atlas SERVICE"S" to atlas MECHANICAL didn't help. Your legal registered name is still atlas SERVICE inc. You just renewed it with the state on 2/5/19 with Steven H. Grossman as President & Kimberly A. Grossman / Helton as Vice President.

You just got sued by your current landlord for being delinquent on your rent & they posted a 3 day eviction notice on your door. Case # 50-2018-CC-014477-XXXX-SB MEZZO LLC V ATLAS SERVICE INC

Line 6 on the complaint of tenant eviction states tenant (atlas SERVICE inc.) was to cure the delinquency within the 3 days.

Line 7 on the complaint of tenant eviction states the defendant (atlas SERVICE inc.) failed/or refused to pay the plaintiff (landlord) within the 3 days.

I still have that worthless check from those commingled companies. You know the name Blue Air Mechanical Services LLC. that was registered at your home but had the address of atlas SERVICE on it when it was at that time located 101 Commerce Road Boynton Beach FL. 33426

That's the same address the bank kicked you out from on that foreclosure lawsuit just over a year ago when you had another corporation registered with the state at that same Boynton Beach address called 101 Commerce Road LLC. Case # 50-2015-CA-013837-XXXX-MB CENTERSTATE BANK OF FLORIDA NA V 101 COMMERCE ROAD LLC

Broward case #CACE14014526 Broward Design Center, Inc. Plaintiff vs. Kimberly Grossman Defendant. Kimberly remember that worthless check you gave for $16, 662.35 right after you took possession of new furniture in May of 2014 and finally paid a settlement of $28, 000.00 in January 2019. They asked you for your S.S. # and you gave a fake one. Just read the deposition when you lookup this case it right there.

Here is the ongoing libel slander lawsuit. Case # 50-2015-CA-009058-XXXX-MB xxx person V ATLAS SERVICES

Case #502018SC006631XXXXSB SUAU ENTERPRISE VS ATLAS SERVICE inc. The Shell gas station that got a worthless check for $1, 500.00 atlas SERVICE didn't even show in court and lost so the judge tripled the damages to $4, 500.00 + court costs + their legal fees total judgment against you $6, 369.20. Did you ever pay that judgement?

And in 2017 when Kimberly Grossman wasn't on the Atlas Service Corporation docs. but on multiple small claims cases you put your name on court papers representing yourself as the V.P. of atlas service inc. Isn't that called perjury? Example Case # 50-2017-SC-008770-XXXX-SB XXX person V ATLAS SERVICES INC

Case # 50-2016-SC-011870-XXXX-WB XXX person V SALTA MECHANICAL SERVICE INC DBA ATLAS SERVICES This you lost for breach of contract, negligence, assault, coercion, deceptive & unfair trade practices, civil theft and fraud. (salta in salta mechanical is atlas backwards) The case states the plaintiff is well over 60. She was awarded $5, 000.00 & 4.91% interest + costs of $350.00 total $5350.00 but she had to hire an attorney to collect

The Florida Department of Revenue issues warrant # [protected] to atlas service in order to collect delinquent sales and use tax for 12, 786.11

The Florida Department of Revenue issues warrant # [protected] to atlas service in order to collect penalty on delinquent sales and use tax for $2, 367.83

Case # 50-2017-SC-000627-XXXX-SB XXXX person V ATLAS SERVICES FLORIDA Mr. Silvestri is awarded $567.48 + court costs total $792.48 but he never got paid and had to file a writ of garnishment. Did you ever pay that one?

Broward Case # COSO17009701 XXXX person Plaintiff vs. Atlas Services Defendant. A default entered for $2, 500.00 but again atlas SERVICE fails to pay so he files a writ of garnishment. Did you ever pay that one?

Read these & all the atlas SERVICE inc. lawsuits & all the Kimberly A. (ANN) Grosman personal lawsuits at & See page after page after page of lawsuits

In Palm Beach click search records on top then official records scroll down 1/2 way click accept.

Google atlas service bbb see the name atlas SERVICE is connected to atlas MECHANICAL right there with the names Steven Grossman and Kimberly Grossman-Helton read the complaints and see they are not BBB accredited

Go to the Florida Department of Corporation website to check the name atlas SERVICE inc. and agent names and see the fictitious name atlas MECHANICAL is owned by atlas SERVICE inc

Dont take my word for it check the websites listed for yourself all these cases were copied and pasted right from the court websites listed above and its only the tip of the iceberg.

This company spends so much time in court getting sued they should have their own space there to save their time.

Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical
Atlas Mechanical

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