Amanda Andrews SC Supervisor, Palmyra ProductionsSTALKER Amanda Andrews, Palmyra Productions


Amanda Andrews, listed as the SC Supervisor of a company called Palmyra Productions, is stalking me.

I was browsing listings on the retail site Yardsellr, where her other employer (possibly part of the same company) Now & Then Collectables aka NowThen Collectables aka PalmyrasRetailPalace, where a discussion was taking place on the pricing and condition rating of a collectible item.

Ms. Amanda Andrews and the owner of Now & Then Collectables, a Mr. Shawn Brown, then used the forum comments section to gain access to my private, personal information.

Amanda Andrews used her connections at Palmyra Productions with Mr. Brown to post libelous, defamatory comments about me in the public forum comments, posting my real name, and slandering me.

Amanda Andrews also admitted to misusing her connections at Facebook and at Palmyra Productions, who offer the app called "branch out", in an effort to stalk me, and she admitted to cyber-harassment and cyber stalking me, following me around and "ghosting" my activities on facebook, Yardsellr, documenting what I view, what I say or post, and taking "screen shots" of all of my activity.

I intend to contact the police department in Norwalk CT to file a criminal complaint against Amanda Andrews and Shawn Brown, of Palmyra Productions and Now and Then Collectables.

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