Aiesec Casablancaaccommodation service

H Aug 04, 2018

Hello.. my name is hanen im an EP from egypt in the program yalla education in casablanca.. I got your number from the guide.. I came here with my sister and her friend.. I just wanna tell you we arrived yesterday at 3 pm.. our pick up came and we thought we will go to our accomodation.. we found ourselves at the LC apartment and were told we will move at 7 pm.. we were exhausted from the flight and wanted to sleep.. and the flat was mixed and thats not acceptable to us our friend is hijabi.. so we just called mr oussama moundir and he said it will be ready and it wasnt! We wanted to book an hotel to stay the night but they told us 20 mins and we will go to the flat and it was 9:30 already.. again we waited and after all that he told us we will sleep in the LC flat and the guys will leave and we will get our flat tomorrow.. we said ok to pass the night.. the guys left 11:30 pm.. we went to their room to sleep.. the whole flat is so dirty its disgusting.. there were insects everywhere.. I went to the bathroom and came out to find a guy in my face who I was told he is mehdi from aiesec.. I went to sleep I couldnt sleep from the disgust I felts from the flat I cried three hours straight and slept 6 am.. today we woke up and called them and no one replied to us.. our friend will leave and return to egypt tonight.. I sent a message to ali denti who picked us up and was the person we saw most I told him our friend is leaving and we will as well if they didnt fix this he didnt reply.. we went out to eat and came back to take our bags ali didnt even say where youre going and slammed the door after we left and he was so rude.. now we are in an hotel and our friend will leave us after half an hour.. this is not the treatment we expected.. im not supposed to cry myself to sleep.. this is so disorganized and irresponsible and rude.. I regret coming here now.. if this isnt fixed we will also leave and we will tell all our friends and will write in our social medias to never come here because this is not the experience we expected.. we wanted to have fun and know people but this is not it at all.. sorry for the long message but I cant take it anymore.. we are in a foreign country for gods sake!! They are taking advantage of that!

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