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A Jul 24, 2019

Another Copycat of Sakvithi Ranasinghe

Suresh Nishantha uses many alias; few are SAS Nishantha, Subasinghe Arachige Suresh Nishantha and sometimes calls him self Suresh Subasinghe (ID 740180061V). This 45 year old is a conniving businessman in Sri Lanka who has allegedly been involved in money fraud of over Rs.180 million, belonging to 20+ investors/lenders of his illegal interest paying companies for over 8 years.

He is accused of issuing cheques from non-existent/closed bank accounts, providing cash cheques taken from other investors, issuing cheques then ordering stop payments to the bank. He promises the clients 10-15% interest per month and promises a share of his so-called successful refrigeration business and catering. Moreover, he constantly changes phone numbers.

In order to keep the bank accounts active, he pays commissions to bank managers and assistant managers. Few banks from where he draws on cheques as security for these victims are Bank of Ceylon Kribathgoda, Commercial bank Kadawatha, Sampath bank Kiribathgoda . Little do they know, stop payments have been issued.

He also has many Vehicle lease facilities with Senkadagla Finance, Valible, S J Finance, Genuine investments, Mercantile Investments and other private lenders all of which have court cases against him. Not only has he got the facility, but also bribed the credit managers to issue more monies than the asset is worth. In some cases more than 200%. Most of these vehicles are kept as security to other private lenders.

Single rich women, business entrepreneurs, executives, retired (living on life savings) and professionals has been his target. Most of these victims have been long-term fixed deposit holders of the above listed finance companies. His sales pitch has been always imposing that he is well connected with white-collar executives of large enterprises and that the lucrative business is in his hands just waiting for an investor and offer a quick turn around.

This middle-aged person has a philosophy to survive on only liquid assets. In order to keep his game safe, he always changes his vehicles and residencies quiet often. Some of his fraudulent companies are namely Solmik Intercool, Solmik International, Leo cooling systems Pvt Ltd and Sandry Catering services. He also uses his wife Hapu Arachchige Inoka Priyadarshanee (798072544V) to register some of the above.

Some of his fixed assets are in his brother's identity, in-laws, and an executive at Mendis group of companies (childhood friend)

Suresh is also known to assist in making black money white for politicians and other government officers through is companies and banks.

He lives a lavish life style, His office, he showcases at 673 Bandarawatte, Kadawatha, Sri lanka a former warehouse belonging to Nikado group. Very rarely, you will find him here.

Suresh is nothing but a con artist/thief not too far behind the famous Sakvithi Runasinghe.


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