Mahsa University Customer Care Service


Mahsa University

Level 1, Administrative Building, SP 2/7, Bandar Saujana Putra
Malaysia - 41200

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+60 351 022 200(Saujana Putra Campus) 4 1
+60 379 652 555(JUC & MPIC) 2 1
+60 88 448 819(Sabah Campus) 1 1
+60 88 447 112(Sabah Campus) 1 1
+60 88 447 082(Sabah Campus) 1 1
+60 379 317 118(Saujana Putra Campus) 1 1
+60 379 652 688(JUC & MPIC) 0 1
+60 88 448 817(Sabah Campus) 0 1
Saujana Putra Campus
Jalan SP 2,  Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarum Selangor
Jalan University Campus (JUC)
Jalan Ilmu, Off Jalan University, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jalan University Campus (JUC), Jalan Ilmu, Off Jalan University, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sabah Campus
Lot № C-100b, Concourse Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Mahsa University Complaints & Reviews

Mahsa University / hostel

Jun 25, 2019

Its been two days we're having blackout at midnight. What is actually happening? How am i supposed to sleep with this condition. We're paying expensive fees for the room. Please fix this. Its 26th june 2019 i hope theres no more blackout in 27th june 2019. Its a private institution...

Mahsa University / grading system or result per semester

May 08, 2019

I'm writing on this complaint as I'm not satisfied with the grading system or on how the result for my result. Before further ado, my name is Noor Atiqah Binti Abdul Hamid with BNP 17091718. I'm in Cohort 5/017 in Riyadh for Bachelor of Nursing (HON'S) Post Graduate. I'm am very...

Mahsa University / corruption and good lecturer all running

Sep 27, 2018

I am current MBBS student. I heard some bad news and most confirm are true. 1: Some students actual result are fail, but management force Dean to change result to pass. To some students: "Please don't happy. At last, I know you actually are fail and NO QUALITY at all." For the moment I heard...

Mahsa University / foundation in science department

Jun 29, 2018

The worst university system as i know, Please i.advice to dont do ur foundation there. They just played with students money there So much races, giving important to people they like.Worst foundation management ever and bad study system as well.They destroy my life and my friend...

Mahsa University / service

Apr 15, 2018

Good day! Can somebody in MAHSA community provide contact information of management staff? People from marketing do not use to provide information because of their bad service given... I will appreciate so much your support... I wouldn't like to give more details by this ways to avoid...

Mahsa University / scam college

Feb 13, 2018

Please DO NOT apply for this so called"university". Worse than a college.The management is atrocious, they make use of students and even rip-off their money.I was told that i was offered a "100% scholarship" for my Foundation and that is why i joined Mahsa.However, i couldn't believe that...

Mahsa / lecture and transport


when the lecture teach we all cannot understand.then we all go out and not came to class if the class bored..about the transport..emm its so bad..the driver make we angry

Mahsa University College / Student bus services


Well, the bus services that mahsa university college provides the students are becoming from bad to worst. . . The timing is not right and sometimes we do hear that the college is not paying the bus services the payment on time and thus makes the drivers angry. . . True or not only god...

Mahsa University College / RECEPTIONIST


I went to this college's Jalan University Campus to inquire about their hostel fee(on campus) at the groundfloor. The receptionist was not quite polite. The way she spoke was rude and sarcastic. She was not so helpful. Plus, it was shameful because there were so many people right...

Mahsa University College / Nursing / Poor Administration and lack professionalism such as planning for nurses practical courses


Prof.Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj.Abdullah CEO Mahsa University College Level 6, Block A, Pusat Bandar Damansara Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 50490 25th May 2009 Re: [Poor Administration and planning for nurses practical courses] Dear Prof.Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin...

Mahsa College / Rude receptionist service and Admin service


I am very dissapointed with the receptionist in MAHSA COLLEGE who spoke on the phone to me. Greetings? Well, forget about it..i told her someone asked me to call back to the college and she said she had no idea who that is and ask me to wait and when i ask her again she scolded me that i...