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Complaints & Reviews

Regarding examination

I want to complaint that we should have standardize our examination for the whole university. I heard that some of the faculty from mahsa are taking online examination. This is not fair for students since some of students that stay outside of kl having problem buying tickets during this pandemic since they need to go back to campus for final. I would suggest the university having online examination for all years except for final year student since it will be burdened for student to come back. And also some of student already taking things from hostel to study online at home. Please do considered the students and dont decide only by one party. If mahsa did not take action regarding this I will bring this issues to higher minister of education and complaining regarding this issues.

Unethical behaviour at administration department

1) at early january 2020, I faced with a terrible incident where there is a fat malay women sit at...


I've really never seen such terrible services from one department! They're not helping me with my problems yet ignoring all my messages! Asking them a few more times n they be like 'not my job not my responsibilities' when the problem occured at their department! Recruiter especially! Everyday texting me to enrol for my degree paying for the registration fees when im not even done with my pre-u studies yet. Ok fine I paid and nxt time I ask her to settle my problem she legitly ignored all of my text! They're pushing my problems from one person to another, among their marketing team! What on earth is this!? Might as well just abolish the marketing team when they're waste of resources!!! Extremely terrible!

Dr Joanne

I am so regretful to have joined MAHSA under the mentor ship of Dr Joanne. I'd like to keep myself a...

Faculty of business

Result latee. We want result because zakat dont pay wang saku if dont have result. Need to improve. Have a...

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Its been two days we're having blackout at midnight. What is actually happening? How am i supposed to sleep...

Grading system or result per semester

I'm writing on this complaint as I'm not satisfied with the grading system or on how the result for my result. Before further ado, my name is Noor Atiqah Binti Abdul Hamid with BNP [protected]. I'm in Cohort 5/017 in Riyadh for Bachelor of Nursing (HON'S) Post Graduate. I'm am very disappointed with MAHSA as since semester 1 till now there is no result was announce and we keep advance our semester without knowing whether we are pass or failed. This is not acceptable as we should know the result before we advanced in order for us to have a quality degree. The one that is prioritized as far as I can see is money. They keep mentioned about fees to be paid before starting each semester. Is your University only care about money instead of quality produce by you. For your information, all of us in Riyadh is a self sponsor and even if we did not complete our fees for the next semester at least we could have a result for our PAID semester. I'm choosing this university as it allowed me to be flexible as no need to travel to Malaysia and request for leave from my work. If this way of grading system still continuing I'm afraid there will be no quality of degree holder produce from your university and I will not recommend this University to expatriate in Riyadh. Please solve this issue in order for people to confidence saying " I am a degree holder produce by MAHSA University". Thank you and your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Corruption and good lecturer all running

I am current MBBS student. I heard some bad news and most confirm are true.

1: Some students actual result are fail, but management force Dean to change result to pass. To some students: "Please don't happy. At last, I know you actually are fail and NO QUALITY at all." For the moment I heard three department is doing this.

2: Good lecturer all are resigning include other departments.

3: Management going to charge students with more extra fee.

4: International students can get better services than local students due to they pay more and less complain. Best thing is they can just pass, even dont study, and their actual result is fail.

5: Marketing agent always give wrong info and lie to customer. To confirm it, go ask admission, then department's admin, then department's lecturers, then department's Dean. All info guarantee defferent.

Foundation in science department

The worst university system as i know, Please i.advice to dont do ur foundation there. They just played with...


Good day!

Can somebody in MAHSA community provide contact information of management staff?

People from marketing do not use to provide information because of their bad service given... I will appreciate so much your support...

I wouldn't like to give more details by this ways to avoid damage the institute integrity.

my email address [protected]


Scam college

Please DO NOT apply for this so called"university". Worse than a college.The management is atrocious, they make use of students and even rip-off their money.I was told that i was offered a "100% scholarship" for my Foundation and that is why i joined Mahsa.However, i couldn't believe that this was all a scam, they NEVER deduct your tuition fee at all. We did complained to the marketing agents but all they do is just waste your time and act all innocent. We lodged a complaint for months but no action was taken ! Furthermore, the scholar holders are also unexpectedly need to work with Mahsa for free, and yet they didn't even stated it in the scholarship letter. Other than that, they also set a trap where the scholar holders can NEVER collect their final year exam transcript . According to them, scholar holders are "bonded with them" .None of them were even stated in the scholarship letter. Moreover, they also didn't keep records of students' data and documents. As a result, they always lose their documents and forced the students to hand in ASAP. Last but not least, they manipulated the tuition fee for the later intakes without notifying us before enrolling in to the college. It is unacceptable that the tuition fee for the later intake is cheaper than the earliest intake and yet they didn't even tell us this benefit before enrolling.Truly a disappointment .

Resolved Lecture and transport

When the lecture teach we all cannot understand. Then we all go out and not came to class if the class bored.. About the transport.. Emm its so bad.. The driver make we angry

Resolved Student bus services

Well, the bus services that mahsa university college provides the students are becoming from bad to worst...
The timing is not right and sometimes we do hear that the college is not paying the bus services the payment on time and thus makes the drivers angry... True or not only god knows...
Well I do plead to mahsa university college to improve on their management skills, no point blaming the student all the time...
Before someone makes your college famous in the media please do so to improve on ur managemet.
Thank you

  • Sy
    syahmimahsampp Jun 12, 2009

    Please contact me for internal issue of MAHSA University Colleg at ([email protected]).tq.

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  • Vi
    virgogirl Dec 07, 2009

    hey, after reading ur complaint i dun reli agree. im also student in mahsa and the bus is not always late. sometimes they r late coz of selfish students who dun bother bout the others waiting

    so ya la i think its not fair to only blame the college for it

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  • Ch
    Chrys Wany Dec 23, 2009

    hey guys, yes the bus is at times late but its only because of the stupid students. I am a student, if i can get ready on time and assemble early for bus i just wonder why is this a gr8 problem for the rest of the students? Because of the rest of the students who are getting ready late its has become a problem for other students, therefore the bus has to wait for pick up it seems and then they have to come for a second trip again where they end up late. so if we done have any mistakes from our side then its right to blame the other side. lets just do one thing, we'll all assemble at once, everyday from now on then if they still continue this then its right for us to question then, isnt it right?

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  • Ta
    talvin Jan 25, 2010

    im a student of mahsa also... i travel by the bus mahsa provide for student in MC to PBD... most of the time after class students have to wait for an hour or so in blazing hot sun to go back to hostel... the area we wait for the bus is so dangerous as vehicles are passing throug the road we wait at... the bus drivers treat us students as if are animals nt humans.. hen there is no place for students to stand already, they still tell students to move in untill there is no place to even grip anything to prevent from falling... the drivers drive the bus as if they are in a race or something... i feel that the safety of the students are a hanging risk...

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  • Su
    sumi ng Jan 09, 2013

    we complain here, will the mahsa management be able to see this?

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Resolved Receptionist

I went to this college's jalan university campus to inquire about their hostel fee (on campus) at the groundfloor. The receptionist was not quite polite. The way she spoke was rude and sarcastic. She was not so helpful. Plus, it was shameful because there were so many people right beside me when she (the receptionist) was talking to me. I hope the authorities will look into this matter and please hire a more qualified and polite staff.

  • An
    anonyMiss Sep 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree

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  • Ma
    MAHSA Nov 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Jason,

    Your complaint has come to our attention. We were rather shocked to have heard this, as situations like this do not happen in our institution. However, we have taken the necessary action to ensuring that this does not repeat itself in the future. thank you

    The Management
    MAHSA University College.

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Resolved Poor administration and lack professionalism such as planning for nurses practical courses

Prof.Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj.Abdullah
Mahsa University College
Level 6, Block A, Pusat Bandar Damansara Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia 50490

25th May 2009
Re: [Poor Administration and planning for nurses practical courses]

Dear Prof.Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj.Abdullah,

As of todate, I am happy and wishes you well done, that Mahsa had attained University status and sincerely hoped Mahsa will upkeep with more quality courses in time to come.

I am writing this letter as I am disappointed because as a parent to my child who is taking a nursing course in your college had not been provided the quality of the supports and guidance especially from Mahsa’s administrative dept as stated in the website.
My daughter was recently posted to Kota Cemerlang in Malacca for her Community Nursing program (11th May-22nd May 2009).
On the 18th May 2009, her hostel (so called) was burgled.
Her lost was a laptop, digital camera and other IT accessories amount to RM4000++.
From the information gathered, my daughter had to sleep in the dinner hall, why was she not provided with a proper room and storage locker? All her personal belongings had to be stored under her bed! From what I know, there were 17 persons sharing this hostel! Please bear in mind that we are paying for the accommodation. If graphic evidence is needed I would very much oblige you, sir.
Planning of Practical courses
The person in charge of the above, who I had talked to, does not seem to know what her job specs are. I had to call her to check on the status or arrangement for my daughter practical training to be posted to, transport and accommodation and the answer was “not confirm”, even so it was only a few days from the date of posting e.g. Bukit Mertajam Hospital. Actually this is not the first time I had called her.
There were no proper assimilations of instructions or information to students and all these had caused me as parent much concerns and disappointment towards Mahsa University College.
I am writing this letter not because I like to but I needed to for the sake of my daughter.
So Prof, I sincerely hope you as a CEO of Mahsa will looks into the matter the soonest.

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone [[protected]].

Yours sincerely

Chan Chee Kong

  • Ra
    rajendran123 Sep 04, 2009

    MAHSA needs a longer time to plan its academic activities before embarking to another level. Most people in Malaysia today are worried sick of being treated by MAHSA nurses who will be working in many hospitals in Malaysia. ARE THEY TRULY QUALIFIED OR THEY ARE JUST AN INSTRUMENT FOR PROFIT MAKING. This question has been lingering in our minds. Looking at the lacking of discipline, delivery of knowledge and grammactically correct English speaking TUTORS AND LECTURERS, the money hungry head of department of nursing who is not actually focussing in the quality of teaching and delivery of education BUT to pump money into own pocket is a sign of a sick management of the college.

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  • Ra
    rajendran123 Sep 04, 2009

    I would like to repeat my former complaint. I meant grammatically incorrect English speaking TUTORS and LECTURERS.

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  • Su
    suezer Jul 23, 2010

    due to lack of proper training in nursing toward patient care..our patient life will be in danger..i always pray non of my family will not treated by this people...amin...

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  • Je
    jeli Nov 04, 2010

    Well i agree lack of training may cause harm to the patient. However, i do not look at which institution they come from but individually. Just think in government are handle by most of the KKM student that already graduate and be a staff nurse and and there still have a lot of complain because of their attitude problem. Are they lack of training? They are not private student and so what can you said about it. Anyway, not all of them are not good but most of them are not. Therefore, do not judge on which institution they are from but judge from the care they provided. Learning are through experience and training for sure is still provided and conclusion is just depend on how the individual learn from it.

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  • Nu
    Nurul Nadia Zainudin Dec 30, 2010

    Saya nk apply masuk kolej mcm mne??? kalau dia minta result SPM mcm mne??? Result keluar tahun depan...macam mane nak buat sekarang ini??

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  • Ah
    Ahmad Osman May 24, 2011

    I would ask parent and students to seriously reconsider decision to enrolled in MAHSA. From what I have heard from MAHSA academic staff, they are definitely very profit focus with with poor attention given to student well being and proper teaching facilities.

    MSU is a much better place for anybody with healthcare interest.

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Resolved Rude receptionist service and admin service

I am very dissapointed with the receptionist in MAHSA COLLEGE who spoke on the phone to me. Greetings? Well...