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My car has been having a problem with overheating for the past three years. Mbabane Motors here in Swaziland has not been able to solve it. The car has on several occasions overheated and stopped on the roadside and required to be towed. I have full records of when the car went into Mbabane Motors service garage for the overheating problem, a quote was sent to me and I was required to pay for the parts before any work is done. This has been going on for 3 years. The last straw was when the car went in to be fixed and I managed to pay for it end of July 2019. In less than 2 months the car is overheating again and Mbabane Motors has told me that different pipes need to be replaced this time. Surely there's something Mbabane Motors is not able to address with the problem on my Sonic. There's no way the same vehicle will have a continuous problem causing me great frustration and high costs within two months.
I have records which I can submit of all the times my car was taken into Mbabane Motors service garage to be fixed the same overheating problem.
I spoke to the Dealer Principal Jodi Foss and he was also not able to resolve my concern.
I therefore seek your assistance in addressing this problem once and for all.
I have a been loyal GM motors vehicle buyer, I have bought all my vehicles from GM, however I have never had such problems as with the Sonic.
I request for your response and please feel free to contact Mbabane Motors for they should also have records of my car coming into their workshop to be fixed for overheating. Please contact Chevrolets master technicians to address this issue.
I'm not willing to pay for the repairs anymore because I feel I have been taken for granted too much.
I'm reporting this complaint to GM South Africa because Mbabane Motors has failed me continuously.
I need to have a fully functioning vehicle as my business is highly affected by not having a vehicle.

I appreciate your prompt response.
You may contact me on [protected] or alternatively my daughter on [protected].

Yours Sincerely,

Dumsile Sigwane

Oct 07, 2019

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