SNP Preet N.VGot Cheated by one of your employee:Naresh Gurwani

Dear Sir,

I am reaching out to you in faith of justice to be prevail.

Myself Virender Kumar Gupta a senior citizen of India, have been duped by one of the person currently staying in your country, his name is Mr. Naresh Gurwani. He had started a website adtypingjobs in 2003 promising to pay for the amount of work done for his website. He took membership fee for it, I had enrolled 26 members many of which were among my family, relatives and good friends, w e all work for him for 6 months and didn't
received all the due payments.

In order to get justice, I filed a civil case against Mr. Naresh in Delhi court in March 2004 and the court had given it's final verdict in September 2009 in favor of me. He has to pay 4000$, I regularly followed with him on his cell (+[protected]), he gave me assurance
that he would pay me the money on seven installments starting from 1st January 2010 and on every first of folowing months but he did not made any payment and just kept
fooling around.

Like me there are thousands of others globally been duped by this fraudster. I have also came to know that Mr. Naresh in his starting years of stay in your country, had stayed illegally. I doubt whether he works on correct credentials. Currently I came to know that he his working in SNP PREET N.V.

My humble request to you is kindly look into matter and provide justice by either sending him back to his home country or ways to provide my money back. There's a court hearing on Feb 26th, 2010 and his presence is required.

I ask whether your country needs a criminal like him, cheating innocent people internationally of their hard earned money.

Thanks & Regards,
Virender Gupta.

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