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24×5 above ground pool

Shannon Turner, 4611 Deep Creek Rd, Harrodsburg, Ky.40330, the pump has one screw missing and its leaking...

Sales / finance

This company is a scam. Anyone that has worked there like I just read on this page, please contact me by cell...

18 classic pool

We purchased our pool from Blue World Pool and it was one of the best decisions we made. From day one everyone was polite and very generous. Due to whether install was pushed back but James and his family came in and did a fabulous job.
Andy question we had they walked us through step by step on the phone and made sure we were comfortable with the information given. I must say we have no complaints at all about Blue World Pool. They have been just Great and very Professional.

18 classic pool

installation of pool bottom/liner

I just had my pool installed this April 2019 and called about concerns with the pool installation. I never heard back from the installer or from Blue World Pools. I'm writing now to explain my issue.

The floor on my pool is not level. it is higher in the middle and has numerous dips where the bottom of the pool is concerned. Because of this, my vacuum will not adhere to the floor and does an awful job. The floor bottom is especially uneven by the drains where one can actually see tire treads from the skid steer tires used to dig up my area. My family and I have stubbed our toes several times throughout this season on it.

The pool liner has not broken through yet, but it is only a matter of time. I would like this issue addressed and corrected. The bottom of my pool should be smooth. Please call me if you have any questions and to let me know how Blue World Pools is going to handle this. Thank you, David Tungesvik [protected]).

Mid line pool

I bought a pool back in 2018 this was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. At first...

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sales rep/pay

I saw an ad for this job on Craigslist (APPLY NOW, MAKE $[protected] A WEEK PLUS GAS!!! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!!!) back in April, 2019, and figured, why not, I'll check them out. Written in the ad was a phone number for the recruiter who requested that interested applicants call for more information, which I did. Upon answering the phone, KC (recruiter) told me that it was easier if I text him with my name and zip code rather than give me the information on the phone. He was a foreign guy, talked with an accent, so texting me the info is probably easier for him than dealing with a language barrier, which I can understand. He gave me all the information, told me that I'd be running 2-3 appointments a day, plus be reimbursed for gas to all my appointments. The training in Kansas City, MO for the next day was booked, so had to push the training out a couple weeks to the Saint Louis class, which wasn't a big deal. I was working in a call center at the time, so it's not like I was relying on this to make a living at the time. A couple weeks later, when I requested the time off to attend training (I was planning on keeping my call center job so if this didn't work out, I would still have a job to fall back on), I was fired due to it being a "conflict of interest" that I told my manager I was training for another job. Bad move on my part, but the way everything was explained to me, it seemed like this was going to work out.

That next Tuesday, I began my drive to St.Louis, which is 5 hours from where I live in Joplin. They paid for my hotel, it was a formal training class (05/01/2019-05/03/2019), everything seemed to be going great. Pay structure was explained. Different from what the recruiter told me is that gas is only paid for the first 10 appointments. Which would have been nice to know, because I struggle to live paycheck to paycheck, even with my boyfriend's income in the home, as well, so gas money is difficult to come up on sometimes. The trainer was great, he answered all questions that we had. One thing that seems to be falsified that he said, though, is that the company was started in 1982, when anything I find regarding when the business opened starts in 2001??

Training is over and I go home, call for my leads, told I have a 1:30 pending for the next day, but it's going through final approval and they will text it to me when it reaches that point. I never received that lead. I went 5 days before I received my first (05/08/2019), and it was at a home that was an hour and 45 minutes from my house. The first thing the husband said to me when I got there was "You can do your presentation, but I don't like to listen to yapping, and if this ends up costing more than $200, we aren't buying." Which, first of all, the Econoline is $299, so I don't know why they called if that was their mindset. I, of course, told him we have to go through the whole presentation, because it is my job to do so. They both agreed to listen, though the husband got up and left about 20 minutes into the 90 minute presentation. The wife was interested, and said that her husband didn't want anything to do with a pool in the first place, so she would be the one to make the final decision. After going through everything, she wanted to know prices of course, the one she was looking at starts at $20, 711.00, which she obviously isn't able to do. I take her down to $15, 711, which is all the discounting I can do, and she can't swing that either. I call the office, and they give her $12, 000 which he says is "at cost to the company", which she still can't do. I apologize to the customer that there's nothing else I can do, and leave the home, since I'm obviously not making a sale. I get a call on my way home from the exec. sales department asking where I'm at, and I tell them I'm about 1/2 way home. They get frustrated, saying that I never leave a home until they tell me "You're outta there" and they have a chance to help me make a sale. I told them that I called in to get help, and the customer was not able to swing the payments each month, since they're raising 4 grandchildren in the home. The guy I talked to said, "well next time, until we tell you to leave, don't leave the home, " and just hung up. Which, okay, it's 9:00 at night by this time, so I just want to be home.

It was about a week and a half before I was able to get to another appointment, because due to lack of having a paycheck for a couple weeks and unable to make my car payment, my car was disabled. Even after explaining this to them, and asking not to schedule me until my boyfriend was paid and I could fix my car situation, I was given 3 leads during that time, and had to cancel them, being fined $247 a piece for not making those appointments. On 05/15/2019, when I was finally able to drive my car to appointments, I was given a lead 2 hours away, only to again not make a sale. They were interested in the Econoline, due to the price, but went through my presentation, they wanted to know prices on others. She was set on the 15x24' oval pool, and I told her that pool in the midline model is $27, 000+, which she was appalled by. She wanted the information for the Econoline, and I provided it to her, showing what we needed to be able to sell her that pool. She did not have homeowner's insurance since they bought their land outright and owned everything on the property, did not want to spend upwards of $2, 000 to get a $300K liability insurance policy naming the company as insured in case of an accident. In the contract, there are clauses that say that the customer is responsible for all lawyer fees should this go to court, as well as sign an arbitration agreement, which kind of contradicts itself. That customer didn't buy either, unsurprisingly.

My next appointment was set for 05/17/2019 at 10:30am, 2 1/2 hours away from my house. It was a single older guy who was hellbent on getting the Econoline pool. He already had his site ready, but was told by the financing department that I needed to come out and show him all that we had. I went through the presentation, and he still just wanted the Econoline, he knew where he was going to put it, already had site ready. So, I just left him the contract as I was told to do in training. There was no call made to the exec. sales office, because there was nothing further to discuss. He was going to have his lawyer sign the liability release and everything, so he was okay with it. I get a call, again, from exec. sales asking if I was still in the home, and I explained what the situation was, and was berated by the person on the phone that I should never sell that pool, we push the midlines only. It was upsetting, there was nothing I could do. Hung up on, again.

I was sent another appointment via text message on my way home for the same day, at 5:30, in a town I had passed on my way to the previous appointment. It not being until later in the afternoon, and not having anything to do in these towns, I drove home for a couple hours before heading back, 1 1/2 hours the other direction. This lady was also interested in the Econoline, but only because of the price. I went through my presentation, and she was very interested in the 18' Midline model. I went through pricing and got it the lowest I could, but it wasn't quite where they needed it. I called the exec. sales office, and they were able to get it down to $12, 000, monthly payments at $294 for her, which she was able to do. Paperwork took an additional 2 1/2 hours. Exec. sales called me every 15 minutes making sure that I was doing everything correctly, and even after I assured them I was, I was still being called nonstop, which made the process drag on. I was there for 5 1/2 hours, I did not end up getting home until after midnight.

I was scheduled a 10:30 am the next morning. Thankfully, it was just across town from where I live, so not far out of my way. That one went no where. He wanted the Econoline since he could do site prep (he builds homes for a living, this is what he does every day, and has a equipment for it), he wanted to go with the 27' Midline, but again, not wanting to pay the $24, 000+ for the company to do site work. They refused to work with him on that, and he ended up not buying a pool, again, unsurprisingly.

2 days before my next appointment, 05/20/2019, which I sold a 24' midline. Easy sale process, they had the funds for it, only thing she had an issue with was the down payment, which I was able to get down to $1, 000 for her, paying $200 on initial visit.

Had one the next day, they were super interested, went through the whole sales pitch, he said he wasn't going to spend $20, 000 on a pool, which surprise, surprise, is what they start at. Exec. sales was able to get it down to $10, 799, but he was hung up on the interest rate of 34.7% over 12 years, and did not want to go through another lender, since we offer in house financing. Did not sell due to this.

05/25/2019 - Military family, husband had just gotten home from deployment the week before. Their kids were so excited, asking me all kinds of questions, just being super adorable. Only thing that stopped them was the monthly payment, since the husband had just gotten home and was not yet back to work, even the lowest we could do was about $40 too high, and they would not work with them any more than what they did already. $40 less on a payment would have gotten me that sale, but they refused to make it work.

05/27/2019 - older lady who had a pool set up when I got there, but it was not one of ours. She was really interested in our ionizer system since she had a granddaughter who was severely allergic to chlorine. She lives on SS, and does not really have a lot of expendable income. Her monthly payment was $32 too high, and again, they refused to work with that.

05/28/2019 - 3 hours away from home. She's interested, very interested. But needs to talk it over with her father in law and husband first. No matter how well we did negotiations for her, that would have been the case. She just wanted me to come out to tell her about the company and the products that we had before she made a decision.

05/30/2019 - 2 1/2 hours away. Same situation as the last, has to talk it over with her husband. Also upset because she has a concrete slab that they've always had pools on and we will not place ours on concrete.

06/02/2019 - 3 hours away. 27' Midline sold, after much talk with the exec sales team on the lowest we could get it. Barely sold due to monthly payment and only one income since husband was retired.

06/02/2019 - 2 1/2 hours away from the first one. Wanted the oval due to space, $299 would have been perfect price. Went through presentation, got them away from Econoline because of the digging she needed to do. Looked at oval midline model. $27, 000+, not doable. Lowest payment not manageable. Just bought home, $1, 500 mortgage, raising 2 grandchildren.

06/02/2019 - 45 mins from home. Previous owner, want to upgrade to the 27'. Easy sale, sold for $11, 699 instead of the $27, 000 due to trade in warranty.

06/02/2019 - 15 mins from home. Was sent this lead as I was heading home from the previous appointment. It was 10:00 pm when this lead was sent to me, and I had been driving since 6 am to get to all of my appointments, since the first one was 3 hours away. I blew a tire on my way there and had to cancel my appointment. I was fined $247 for this because there wasn't a 7 day notice given... when they sent me the lead 15 minutes prior...

06/04/2019 - 2 hours from home. They live over a cliff type thing in Branson, MO, so not a lot of space. Wanted the oval for this reason. Went through presentation, was told that we rarely do ovals and need to try for a round. Explained that there isn't room for an 18' round to fit, they have 19' of space from their deck to the edge, and they need 2' on either side for installation. Was told to try for a 15' round, which I did, but pricing was too high. When I called and asked for pricing help, I was put on hold by some lady who needed to transfer me to someone else, then just ended up being hung up on. This happened 3 times before I finally talked to someone else, which I was then told "just tell them that if they don't buy it, you and I won't be able to sleep at night". Didn't make that sale because no one would give me assistance. Was reprimanded again for leaving before being given the okay.

06/04/2019 - appointment where I blew my tire rescheduled. Customer literally just wanted the Econoline because of price. Did not want chlorine. Explained ionizer. Didn't want to spend more than the $299 on a pool. Called and let him talk to exec. sales. An hour and a half on the phone, get it down to $9, 999 with a $168/month payment if he gets his own financing for the other half. Customer does not want to pay that amount for a pool. Wants me to write things into the contract where he gets the Econoline at that price, but gets everything else along with it, we pay for the sand and do gradework on his land, etc. Tell him I can't. Gets upset, I leave. Again, in trouble for not getting the okay.

06/06/2019 - literally a street away. I call cx, no answer. I drive over there, because it's on the next street, no answer. Call the office tell them I can't confirm lead, says he'll call customer and try to find out what's up and call me back. 30 minutes, I'm sitting in customer's driveway, no call. I decide to leave. An hour later, customer calls me saying that she cancelled the appointment after reading some bad reviews, and did not want me to come to the house. I was never advised of this, and never received a call back from that guy, either.

It's now 06/12/2019 and I have not had a lead since.

Now, to the real part of my issue: my check.

We were told during training that checks are sent out on the 5th and 20th, and are sent by mail. They do not do direct deposit. The 5th was last Wednesday, called to see if it was sent, told it was, so I should have had my check by Friday or Saturday. It still hasn't come by Monday. I called to find out what's up, because I should definitely have it by now. I'm told that they weren't even sent out until Friday, and I should have seen it yesterday. STILL WASN'T HERE. I called yesterday, confirmed that it wasn't sent until Friday. Asked for a tracking number so I could at least be reassured that something is coming, but was told they don't get tracking numbers, which is odd, because that's a lot of money to be sending out in the mail without knowing where it's at. I try to ask the guy questions about it and he's super dodgy, doesn't want to answer them. At this point I'm like, look, I just want to be reassured there's actually one coming because I have bills and everything that are piling up with shutoff notices, and I haven't had a check in over a month. Says he'll send me a confirmation text with the thing he has on his computer. Still don't have that. Let's hope it shows up today. I am talking with a lawyer about this, since I have a copy of the contract I signed with them, and they are in violation of many of the things in their own contract. If anyone has additional information they would like to help me with, I'm sure they would take on a class action lawsuit against the company, because if they're violating their contract with their reps, just imagine what they're doing with their customers.

customer service

Day 6 after install our pool ladder broke. We were guaranteed a replacement part and installer to come to fix our ladder by Wednesday, 4 days later. Here we are 2 weeks later and still no resolution. We have left 3 messages and no one has called back. When I called to inform them our ladder broke the guy laughed and told me to put a ladder up to my pool in order to get in and out! We signed up for a show pool... and this is the customer service we get! Does someone want to come show our pool now with a broken, unusable ladder???? And that is because I even talked to the VP, Kevin Fischer at [protected] ext 8 or after hours at exit 3035!!! It's under warranty and they don't even return your phone calls!! Extremely unsatisfied with their customer service at every level!!

customer service

Way they do business

They pulled my credit without my sis number. Not cool I am telling you don't call them. All I did was inquire...

pool financing

BWP came to our home with the 399.00 pool offer and then went on to tell us that was a cheap pool and he wouldn't sell that one to anyone. He ended up showing us a 24000 pool bit then went to cut price down by saying if we was a "show" pool and let them bring people to see it they would cut our costs. I agreed because he said I had 3 days to cancel bit if we didn't take offer that day we would loose the cut in cost. I emailed and called 2 days later to cancel. Then I received a call from manager threatening we would still be charged for pool even if we didn't let them install it. Also the salesman said they needed a picture of our deed so they knew we owned our property...I left that out. When it was all said and done they bullied us into the purchase. We knew we had spent too much on pool but we went on and tried to enjoy the pool anyways. We built up our credit a year later and decided to refinance our home. The refinance fell thru because we were notified BWP put a 15000 dollar lein on our property. I'm so sick!!! We had to keep 10%interest rate after building our credit up and now we are belly up in owing on our home. Can't afford to pay BWP off and can't refinance! I hate our pool now!!! This all has been a nightmare! And sad thing is they prey on hard working people. I called a lawyer. I'm just praying for some help

unethical behavior

On 12/27/18 I received a call from my employer informing me that a representative from Blue World Pools had contacted them concerning my account. He stated that the representative had discussed personal information with them relating to my payment history. Needless to say I was very angry that the pool company had done this. I called them and questioned them about this and the representative I spoke to denied that anyone from their office had contacted my employer, saying that no one from there company would do anything like that and he wanted me to send him a recording of the conversation in question, which of course I could not do. I had my employer contact them to give more details of his conversation and he was able to get in contact with an office manager and registered a complaint in my behalf. The manager stated that she would investigate the matter.
I have had problems with this company from the beginning, starting with delayed installation of the pool to incomplete installation and service support in general, and now this. I'm beginning to deeply regret signing a contract with this company.

28ft elite round pool

I couldn't be more pleased with a company more !
I was very sceptical at first. But I have to say I love this company. They have always been extremely helpful. From the installation team to the support team at the office. Thay have always taken the time to teach me about maintenance skills and how to maximize the quality of my pool experience so that there is very little maintenance time or cost.

pool liner leak

We bought a Blue World Pool in June and it was installed on or about 23 July. The installer was very good guy...

sales representatives and staff

I found out earlier this year that my loan was for 11 years and not the 5 year I term that I agreed to...

all the broken promises

All the broken promises. Avoid this company at all cost they promise you a perfect pool and it's not. My pool...


It took about two months after paying the deposit to get the pool installed but boy was it worth the wait. I had reservations about going through with the process. Enter SEAN WARREN. He took care of my concerns as if he knew me personally. The pool is larger than expected and was beautifully installed. Kudos to SEAN WARREN and his team for making a once angry customer into a customer who is singing his praises. JOB WELL DONE!

my pool

From the sales to installation and beyond, Blue World Pools looked out for me. I received the ability to...


Me and my boyfriend sign paper work for our pool in June of this year. We were told that it would be 3 weeks. It now been 2 months. We actually got a call last week saying they would be there Friday the 24th. Well, they did show up. They busted a heater line in our yard and on top of that they had the wrong pool. So they told us it would be Monday morning when they would return. So here we are today, still no pool! I call them and they tell me the installer had an emergency, but he didn't he got fired. So, now there telling me it will be Thursday or Friday😡 This is ridiculous! If I knew then what I know now I would of never used this company! Also i was told by a person they are behind 900 pools.

my pool

My pool was leaking bad I did everything I was told to do still didn't fix the leak so I purchase a new liner took the old one out the pool liner is rotted at the bottom and if I put the new liner in it's gonna put holes in the new liner i've only had this pool for 3 years and i've had nothing but trouble the last two years. Going to seek a lawyer.

my money

Blue world just going into my account and taking money without even notification. This is the second time this month. They took money out the first of this month and today. Then I talk to one of the financial agencies and told her don't run the card unless told and she got some nasty attitude and said at least you caught up and that was the first of this month.

start to "finish" which I am not sure will ever happen

Either demand that your salespeople both in home and on the phone that they can't use the word 3 weeks or...

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