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Blue World Pools Complaints & Reviews

Blue World Pools / unethical behavior

Sandra Fanning on Dec 27, 2018

On 12/27/18 I received a call from my employer informing me that a representative from Blue World Pools had contacted them concerning my account. He stated that the representative had discussed personal information with them relating to my payment history. Needless to say I was very angry...

Blue World Pools / 28ft elite round pool

DBurt on Dec 21, 2018

I couldn't be more pleased with a company more ! I was very sceptical at first. But I have to say I love this company. They have always been extremely helpful. From the installation team to the support team at the office. Thay have always taken the time to teach me about maintenance skills and...

Blue World Pools / pool liner leak

Ralph Robinson on Nov 12, 2018

We bought a Blue World Pool in June and it was installed on or about 23 July. The installer was very good guy named Xavier. The ionizer and sand filter work great at keeping the pool clean with a gallon of bleach a week. We have been swimming in it daily since installation, including warm...

Blue World Pools / sales representatives and staff

Ursula Jernigan on Oct 29, 2018

I found out earlier this year that my loan was for 11 years and not the 5 year I term that I agreed to initially. I entered into this loan under false pretenses due to the lies that were told to me by the sales representatives. After searching the internet regarding the companies standing;...

Blue World Pools / all the broken promises

Dawn Hillis on Oct 11, 2018

All the broken promises. Avoid this company at all cost they promise you a perfect pool and it's not. My pool is not level the safety signs are upside down the individuals didn't start putting my pool together till after dark. They wanted me to sign all the paperwork and pay all thi...

Blue World Pools / service

Bezail Small on Oct 9, 2018

It took about two months after paying the deposit to get the pool installed but boy was it worth the wait. I had reservations about going through with the process. Enter SEAN WARREN. He took care of my concerns as if he knew me personally. The pool is larger than expected and wa...

Blue World Pools / my pool

R Michele on Oct 2, 2018

From the sales to installation and beyond, Blue World Pools looked out for me. I received the ability to obtain a top quality pool, they made sure my installation was done correctly, and they are with me whenever I need a question answered. Can't say enough about them! I wasn't even sure I...

Blue World Pools / installing

Amanda nalley on Aug 27, 2018

Me and my boyfriend sign paper work for our pool in June of this year. We were told that it would be 3 weeks. It now been 2 months. We actually got a call last week saying they would be there Friday the 24th. Well, they did show up. They busted a heater line in our yard and on top of that... / my pool

Sherry Castleberry Nadh on Aug 26, 2018

My pool was leaking bad I did everything I was told to do still didn't fix the leak so I purchase a new liner took the old one out the pool liner is rotted at the bottom and if I put the new liner in it's gonna put holes in the new liner i've only had this pool for 3 year...

Blue World Pools / my money

Latonya Cosby on Aug 25, 2018

Blue world just going into my account and taking money without even notification. This is the second time this month. They took money out the first of this month and today. Then I talk to one of the financial agencies and told her don't run the card unless told and she got some nasty...

Blue World Pools / start to "finish" which I am not sure will ever happen

Brian Swann on Jul 9, 2018

Either demand that your salespeople both in home and on the phone that they can't use the word 3 weeks or live up to the sale. I didn't make my first call until we were at 7 calendar days. After that I have had to call every day to get your process moving along. I was told by one person on...

Blue World Pools / customer service /installation

Leonia on Jul 7, 2018

Were to start... Do you have a week? (LOL) We understood every company will have negative remarks, since you can't please everyone. We purchased a Midline pool from Blue World Pool (06/02/18) anyway. We were advise at that time, since we were paying cash and did not have wait on finance...

Blue World Pools / don't do it...

Blueworldpoolssuck on May 26, 2018

Crappy company. They rip off customers with there shady sales techniques. Do your research. There aluminum pool walls suck. Buy local. Do your research. Karma is a [censored]. Oh by the way. I am not a customer. I am owner and installer of a pool business and have heard all the storie...

Blue World Pools / above ground pool sales

Misspissed18 on Apr 14, 2018

Our sales rep was very pleasant, explained to us at the end of his presentation, that all Blue World had to offer was a pool for 27, 000.00 our budget was 4, 000.00 tops! He managed to work the numbers down to 9, 500.00. And told us that the 399.00 econo pool after shipping would cost...

Blue World Pools, Inc. / pool

Andy999 on Feb 13, 2018

We was so happy when we first got the pool and the first summer everything was great, we followed all instructions. My husband was not happy with the setting of the pool but we was not unhappy at that point. This last summer we was unable to use the pool for most part because it seemed to...

Blue World Pools / purchase price and being threatened

Rachel Moody on Dec 21, 2017

The salesman would not stop haggling me, changing prices to be more affordable, would not take no for an answer. So, I gave in and he said it would cost around 5 thousand for everything. There was one stipulation, I would have to put my house deed on the loan, he assured me it was only to...

BlueWorld Pools, Inc. / above ground pool

Ursula Jernigan on Aug 31, 2017

I am writing this compliant because I have also been scammed by this company. I bought a pool 3 years ago under the impression that I was going into a loan for 5 years and a couple weeks ago I found out that I was under a 11 year loan and paying a 100 percent profit on the loan. For...

Blue World Pools, Inc. / blue world pool

JudahSue 12 on Aug 10, 2017

I really enjoy my Blue World Pool, as it is great fun for my family on hot North Carolina days. Our pool was constructed in just the perfect location of our yard and the pool is well constructed and easy to access. Our pool is just the right size for us to use during our family reunion...

Blue World Pools, Inc. / cancelling contract contract without penalty

Noel25 on Jul 24, 2017

So, To begin with. Let me say we sent our cancellation papers by FedEx. It was received at BWP within the 3 day period. I wanted to share what we had to do in order to cancel. First thing... We wrote an written letter. Put an X across the contract. We also signed & dated it. Sent it on it'...

Blue World Pools / sales commission scam

Tim Nichols on Jul 21, 2017

I answered a Craigslist ad for salesperson wanted in Feb of 2017. Was offered the 1099 sales position with training later that month. The sales agreement was that half of the commission would be paid when the sale was made and the second half after installation. Over a month period beginning...